Leighton Meester Goes 'Country' With 'Summer Girls' (VIDEO)

Leighton Meester Goes 'Country' With 'Summer Girls' (VIDEO)-photo
We knew Leighton Meester could singer per her turn with Cobra Starship, but girlfriend gets all country on us with her performance of "Summer Girls" in Country Strong.

The Gossip Girl star croons the Jessica Andrew's tune in the film about the world of country music out January 7. Also, don't miss her cutie co-star, Garrett Hedlundbelt out the song "Chances Are."

Check out her skills in the video below!

What do you think of Blair Waldorf's turn as a country gal? Leave us a comment and let us know!



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  • romanticfool

    She has written what she calls 'club songs' for dancing called "Somebody To Love, Your Love Is A Drug, & Please Come Home" that is kind of hip hop. The video to Somebody To Love is about a call girl wanting love and how it's hard to find real romance and love. She sings "Summer Girl, Give Into Me, Words i Couldn't Say" in Country Strong that is more country western style. She is really talented. You can buy the soundtrack or listen on You Tube.The movie comes out on dvd 4/12 I think. it was unfairly dissed by the anti-Country western elite snobs and reviewers in Hollyweird. i think they should turn Nashville into the east coast movie making capital for actors that don't want to raise their kids in strange Los Angeles .. At least in Nashville, they love America, are people of faith and romantic UNLIKE the majority of La La land's useful idiots and recent arrivals. Garrett and Leighton should receive break out actor nominations at least they were that fantastic.

  • Kimi

    I love it ! When she sings country songs it sounds really great!

  • sasr

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