Leo DiCaprio and Kevin Connolly Bag It for the Ladies

Leo DiCaprio and Kevin Connolly Bag It for the Ladies-photo

Guys will go to any lengths to get ladies by their side, but seldom to the extremes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Connolly.

The longtime Hollywood pals found an innovative way to recruit new female friends last night in West Hollywood.

After spending the early evening taking in the L.A. Lakers season opener (alongside a cheerleader-gawking David Beckham), the boys split a table at hotspot Apple Lounge.

Instead of buying pricey mixed drinks for the ladies, or dazzling them with dance skills, the men simply allowed their booth to be used for storage.

"They were purse-keepers," one onlooker said. "They had several girls' purses tucked just right behind them."

Clever way to get them to come back, guys, and a more clever way to stop them from ever leaving.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    Hope they bagged it after they went home with each other, too.

  • touchit

    Does that mean Leo is going to guest star on Entourage?