Levi Johnston Wants to Beat Justin Bieber

Levi Johnston Wants to Beat Justin Bieber-photo

Look out, Justin Bieber; you have some stiff competition breathing down your neck. Well, some kind of competition, anyway.

Levi Johnston, former Playgirl model and recent ex-fiancé of Bristol Palin, was on hand at this year's Teen Choice Awards to promote his upcoming video, "After Love," with "Step It Up" chanteuse Brittani Senser. And to hear Johnston tell it, the musical duo has a certain 16-year-old YouTube sensation in their sights:

"My job is just to show up, make this video happen, and see if we can beat Bieber's numbers here."

No doubt Bieber Nation is trembling in its boots right now. Do you think Levi and Brittani stand a chance of toppling the Biebs from his lofty pedestal? Share your thoughts in the comments section. And after that, make sure to crack open The Holy Bieble and check out Celebuzz's Teen Choice Awards page.



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  • mandycane

    Brittani Senser has a boring face. She has an a-list voice with a d-list face. Unless she gets something done about that I don't expect much staying power, especially if her only hook is a washed up faux celebrity who makes appearances in her videos.

  • belieber julia
    belieber julia

    hehe like if he can get crazier fans than the beliebers? I don't think so.

  • Freyaaa

    no one will beat them what the f*ck are they thinking ? they're like 62 year olds! GRANNYS! Shut the f*ck up you dont know what the hell your tlking about!

  • annabannana56

    Good luck.

  • Billy

    They look good together. He should get out of Wasilla, Alaska. Is he sure Bristol Palin's kids are his anyway?

  • Steve

    What a stud

  • NJD

    What a loser

  • Lena