Lindsay Lohan: Back in Black and Braless

Lindsay Lohan: Back in Black and Braless-photo

Party hostess Lindsay Lohan was snapped while out shopping in Los Angeles yesterday, and she looked like she was on a mission.

Sale on Melrose? DVDs to return to Blockbuster? Out of scented massage oil for Samantha?

Whatever the case, she merely threw on a very flimsy black tank top and let things fly!

It's blatantly obvious that her future baby is never going to go hungry.



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  • Chick

    her bod look amazing in that shot...great big boobies and a tiny waist...if only she could do it a taad classier. Oh well go LiLo :)

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Poor girl, so flat-chested...

  • buzzgent

    Damn! Why wasn't she on a pogo stick? Bounce that sh*t, Lindsay!!!