Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pics: Not So Pretty

Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pics: Not So Pretty-photo

While Lindsay Lohan bikini shots are usually sexy, these are just another scary piece of evidence that the recently single actress is in need of some serious help. 

The 22-year-old is currently in Hawaii with little sister Ali, hopefully getting some well-needed rest from the hard partying she's been doing since her split with Sam Ronson on April 4. LiLo decided to strip down into a teeny striped bikini on Monday, and the images are quite shocking.

protruding backbone. Zero visible fat. No butt! This is all wrong, Linds!

At least she's smiling....right??

We've got 60+ pictures for you to check out. Zoom in if you dare!

Please let us know: Are you worried about Lindsay's skeletal frame? 



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  • JayKayLa

    This is what a coke diet looks like. Haven't any of you done coke before?

  • Jayli

    World Swimwear has the cutest swimsuits. She is thin, but she does not look anorexic to me. Her legs still have some muscle form to them. She is probably stressed out, and instead of eating a tub of ice cream, she probably eats smaller meals and less frequent. Not everyone handles life and stress the same. I say, back off.

  • Crysty

    God she's fat. WTF?! shes superskinny! and not so pretty skinny! tsk dumbass! cant believe u just said that!

  • franJohnson

    I really don't see whats wrong with her body... she looks really good...and shes isn't very for her hight I think shes fine!! and its normal to see bones!!! only if ur fat u cant see them.... and who cares what she looks like its her body she can do or have it any way she wants it...

  • Max in missouri
    Max in missouri

    It'd be pretty for me to give any less of a sh*t about this

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I'd tap it while banging out a tune with a pair of mallets on her ribcage like a xylophone.

  • charliemurphy

    God she's fat.