Lindsay Lohan: Too Broke for Rehab?

Lindsay Lohan: Too Broke for Rehab?-photo

Lindsay Lohan isn't immune from the health care crisis that affects millions of other Americans.

The troubled 24-year-old actress, who was sent back to rehab on Friday morning following her probation violation hearing, claims that she might not be able to continue participating in her rehab treatment—because she can't afford it.

According to E! Online, a report filed with the court by her probation officer today notes that Lohan feels her treatment is causing her financial hardship. The report reads,

"She indicates she cannot afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work. The defendant states her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product."

The actress has been receiving treatment at the Betty Ford Center since September 28, and today was ordered back to treatment by Judge Elden Fox until January 3, 2011.

Lohan also notes that she's due to begin work on a new project (presumably, the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno) in November, and her treatment would interfere with her collecting on that payday as well. Though Lohan offered to continue wearing a SCRAM bracelet through December in exchange for being allowed to film the project, it doesn't appear that Judge Fox will honor her offer.

It seems that it's not just true that crime doesn't pay—it can cost you as well.



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  • dpantelis

    It's a pitty for such an actress to behave like that. Singles Dating Website

  • Guest name
    Guest name

    Just another of her excuses not to do rehab.

  • Suzanne Rosenorn
    Suzanne Rosenorn

    Shes been saying shes broke for years. But everytime you turn around shes jetting off with designer this and that. She commands thousands just to make a showing at an event. Everyone knows that stars hide money offshore to avoid huge taxation. If shes got enough money to go partying everynight, then she should put her money to good use elsewhere. Somewhere where she will actually benefit from it.

  • LJ

    She says she can't afford rehab, but she could drop eight grand a week to rent a Maserati. Addicts are as addicted to their lies as they are to their drugs.

  • mannequin

    Sadly, it seems her career has been over for awhile. It's been a long time since we've seen anything more than party photos and stories of her wild nights. To a real actress, Hollywood is much more than mingling; it's working.

  • Leelou

    Hmm....ok, lets review. She was just saying how she hoped she would get rehab and not jail because she doesnt want her treatment derailed. So she gets it and now she is saying she cant afford it and needs to work? So basically its a structured plan. Jail meant no work, no way, no how. Rehab meant she can use the money excuse to get released early to work. Had to have been the lawyers idea cause she isnt that smart.

  • nuts

    WTF is up with her lips

  • RiLi1

    Lookin more and more like Jackson everyday.

  • serenity
    serenity allows whole families to 'attend Luxury rehab' on an Equestrian Center - 90 days for $399. Congratulations to Lindsay for finally beginning her venture into true recovery. Two years compliance with continued care and self help groups may insure her recovery. Those of you with family or loved ones with addictions - Don't let them die - get help for the family now.

  • xoxo

    Jail for what? She is an addict not a murderer. She's a sick person and needs to stay in rehab but jail will not her better. This has nothing to do with her being a celebrity.

  • Duke

    she is trash and should be in jail. rehab isn't working .. maybe a stint in lock up will sober her up to reality

  • w cecul
    w cecul

    If she weren't a celeb she would be considered trash and would be in jail.