Lindsay Lohan 'Furious' Over Dina's 'Today' Appearance

Lindsay Lohan 'Furious' Over Dina's 'Today' Appearance-photo

Lindsay Lohan might be making amends with papa Michael—but now it appears that her mother, Dina Lohan, is in the doghouse.

TMZ reports that Lohan, 24, who's currently undergoing rehab treatment at the Betty Ford Center, is livid over the fact that Dina aired LiLo's dirty laundry on Today earlier this month, against Lindsay's wishes.

According to sources, Lohan is "furious" with her mother, and as a result of the interview she's begun to realize that Dina might be at the root of many of her problems.

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During her interview with Matt Lauer, Dina confirmed that she believes Lindsay is an addict, despite previous denials, explaining,

"When I first came [on the Today show], initially that [being an addict] was for Lindsay to admit. As a mother, it wasn't for me to come tell the world about her problem. That was for her to do. I wasn't in denial by far ... for me as a mother, I protect ... You protect as a parent."

According to the sources, Dina's televised betrayal has also led Lindsay to consider that her mother's demonization of her father, Michael, might not be entirely accurate, and that both parents share the blame for the troubles she's found herself in—an assertion that Michael Lohan himself made several weeks ago.

Check out the appearance below:

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  • dessertgirl

    Brooke Shields had a destructive mother although not nearly as vile as Dina. Brooke cut her loose and got a manager and I believe that she saved herself. No child should have to support their parents when they are well and able to support themselves.

  • dessertgirl

    The best thing Lindsay could do was to fire her mother and to get herself a new manager. Dina has been freeloading off of Lindsay way too long. Isn't she prepping the younger kids to take care of her as well? It's time for Lindsay to cut her loose before she takes all of her money and for her younger sibs to see the danger of having mom represent them.

  • Don F
    Don F

    No question about it, Dina is the main reason why Lindsay is the way she is. If you think about it, you can see it unfold year after year. Watching LiLo grow up on the screen, you can only imagine who was behind the scene pushing her daughter to stardom. LiLo, like all of us, is a product of her environment. When you stop and realize that only a handful of all the child stars wind up happy and normal, you can understand & see why she is such a troubled soul. Parents own greed & desire for being in the spotlight drives them to relentlessly push their child into being a star. It is a form of brain-washing. Shame on all these sorry-ass parents. What child really wants to give up their childhood to become famous and rich? Not very many, I tell you - not by their own accord. Somebody is pushing them. Look at Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, etc., etc. - the same thing happened to them. Look at the shows on t.v. where you find 3,4, & 5 year-old girls all dolled up with make-up looking like 25 year-old women and competing on stage to win some beauty contest. Their mothers are right their pushing them to be their best and telling them how to walk, how to act, and so forth; and then, if the child makes a mistake, good 'ole moms lashes out at them for being non other than a child. That, in my mind, is absolutely pathetic. That is exploiting a child. Some law should be enforced to prevent that from happening. Folks, we are living in a very sick society. With all the problems that we have, with all the therapists. psycologists, and mental and physical problems around us, something is obviously wrong with the way we were brought up as children. PARENTS are the root of this evil. Shame, shame, shame on all you parents who exploit their children. I was brought up thinking that fame and fortune is not the main thing to thrive for, as happiness & good health (taking care of yourself) is the main thing to thrive for in your life. What has happened to that theory?

  • rog

    The mother is a delusional, money grubbing fame whore who is in deeper personal denial about her own managerial abilities than her daughter ever was about her addictions.

  • Lisa

    Dina already tried to put Ali to work, but their were no takers. Lindsay was born with all the talent, and beauty. Ali got the leftovers Are you sure this is why (because she didn't have the talent)? I'd guess that anything with the last name 'Lohan' is tabu, and no producer or director wants the headache (or to have to deal with Dina, the ultimate nightmare stage mom). I wouldn't go near it with a ten-foot pole if I were a hollywood producer.

  • nh

    She sure seems holier than thou when speaking of Lindsay and her dad - like they're "those people" that you have to put in "those places" & like she's so perfect...puhlease!

  • anonymous

    Sorry blaming your parents for YOUR addiction isn't recovery!!! you are the sicko here, whoever you are...lindsays mother IS a huge part of her addiction, and thank god lindsay is getting healthy enough to break her denial, and thank god she is healing her relationship with her dad, who has and does care about her...good for her, and her dad...right on...dina is sick...

  • H

    Lindsay should have gotten a clue a long time ago when that Long Island guttesnipe of a "Mommie Dearest" there, her mother tried to use her Disney "Get a free Carvel Ice Cream Cake" ID card on Long Island. And her mother almost was arrested by the Nassau County cops when the owner of the store knew that old woman was not "Lindsay Lohan" as it said on the ID card.

  • tt

    Sorry blaming your parents for YOUR addiction isn't recovery!!! are you referring this to you? Just wondering:)

  • gg

    Sorry blaming your parents for YOUR addiction isn't recovery!!!

  • Jo

    I have said from day one that Dina Lohan was the biggest cause of Lindsays problems and I think that rehab might finally be working on Lindsays waking up to that and many facts. Dina Lohan has done nothing but live off of her daughter and now she may have to get a job and support herself now that she helped ruin Lindsdays career.

  • Abraxus

    Her mother really is a publicity wh*re - where any other mother would be supporting their child and letting that child work things out, Dina has to get herself in the spotlight again - once and for all Dina-dearest, THIS IS ABOUT LINDSAY NOT YOU!

  • Kathy

    I actually do know how to spell, I just got interrupted so many times typing that last comment. I apologize.

  • Kathy

    I think Lindsay finally has finally gained some clarity. Keep it up, I'm rooting for you! And by the way, give your Dad a chance. He seems for willing to help you than your mother.

  • jenn

    It's about time she realizes it's her mom!

  • Rebecca

    I think she's right on the money about her mother, but i think the real reason she is feeling this way is because her mother is not supporting her in doing whatever she wants to do with no consequences whatsoever, or at least appears to be doing so.

  • The Rocker
    The Rocker

    I think that the media needs to stay out of celebrities business and talk about whats really going on in the world..........

  • holly

    Dina already tried to put Ali to work, but their were no takers. Lindsay was born with all the talent, and beauty. Ali got the leftovers

  • J.E.B.

    Well well, rehab FINALLY seems to be working! Lindsay is finally getting the 4-1-1 on her monster gold digger of a mother. let's hope this continues!

  • mary

    But Dina has no other life than to ride the coat-tails of her daughter, even if it's throwing her under the bus. Another faux celebrity who has earned their spot only by being related to someone. Gosh Dina, if your daughter ever DOES correct her life, what on earth will you do with yourself??

  • Josie

    Dina Lohan needs to get a job, and not as Lindsays manager! What a horrible, money-grubbing parent. I'm sure she's trying to get Ali to be the next bread winner, then she can go party with her!

  • mad1

    LINDSAY MOVE ON!! i feel bad for lindsay i know many dont but imagine being the sole provider for your family as of of 8yrs old! Thats a lot of pressure, on a child. When these two slime buckets divorced they were fighting over "HER" money - not their own! when was the last time these two have worked - other than being her pseudo mgr.!Now thats shes down, rather than support her emotionally- they trying to make a buck talking about her! Dina even got het 15b yr old Ali implants- $ wasted as Ali is butt faced - and as interesting as bristol p.-so cld never reach accend to lindsay what you will lindsay attractive- nds to slow down -lifestyle is starting to age her!

  • flourpower

    praying for the whole family.

  • Donna

    Good for Lindsey! Please, please, please let her stay there long enough to work all of this out. Those parents of her are almost enough to drive ME to drink!