Lindsay Lohan Settles Lawsuit Against E*Trade

Lindsay Lohan Settles Lawsuit Against E*Trade-photo

While Lindsay Lohan probably has bigger problems to worry about today, she at least has one thing going her way.


Linds has settled the lawsuit she filed against E*Trade for supposed defamation of character. Lohan originally sued the stock trading company for $100 million after airing a commercial that alluded to the troubled starlet’s addictions (Milk-a-what?!)

Today, Lindsay withdrew the lawsuit. While the actual amount that Lindsay walked away with hasn't been disclosed, it’s assumed to be a rather large sum. Perez Hilton reports her legal team is “very happy” with the outcome. 

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  • marblenc

    After Lindsay admitted to a failed drug test on Friday, it's clear what's she's addicted to might be white, but isn't milk.


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