Lindsay Lohan arrives at an AA

  • Lindsay Lohan arrives at an AA
Lindsay Lohan arrives at an AA meeting in West Hollywood, CA on September 18, 2010.
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  • roger

    Lohan believes she is above the law. What she needs is a cold hard taste of reality. Send her to jail...Just like they would the rest of us. And Dawn wake up you are almost as stupid as Lindsey.

  • Dawn Reilly
    Dawn Reilly

    I feel it necessary to make a statement re: the state of affairs that Lyndsay Lohan has endured. As I realize that she is a celebrity, ( and much of the population view a celebrity's privacy with an "all bets are off" mentality, as does the PRESS ), she is FIRSTa person--- she is THEN a celebrity. I, along with many, (and most likely Lyndsay herself--with her family echoing the same sentiment), see that she is making poor and self-destructive choices. It's obvious that whatever "dis-ease", if you will, that she is experiencing is motivating those choices. She is a very young girl in the industry, living in L.A., which carries the weight of a very "old" story. It is a town of celebrity, money, opportunity, and certainly the availability of any drug you can imagine. Although, many people her age, (and many people through older adulthood), are making, or have made, poor and self-destructive choices in many areas of their lives, and some of those choices have nothing to do with drugs or celebrity. Many times, even knowing the possibility of paying xtremely high price for those choices, we make[ those choices anyway, and within the blink of an eye things spin out of control. As humans, the pleasure center in our brains is very large, to say the least--and certainly, even more difficult to discipline when younger. It is so incredibly easy for people to watch the tabloid shows; get on the internet; read the tabloids, and then sit back and shake their heads in judement / disgust / disbelief. And how many times have many of us had to face the same lessons in life, over and over and over again, in order to finally find that the solution is simply to make a different choice! But along with life lessons, a celebrity has to deal with the scrutiny of a very critical world. A friend of mine recently said something that I consider quite astute---he said " The world is split into two groups: human kind and the human UNkind." Everyone has an opinion and everyone has an agenda---and human UNkind has a tendency to win out at times. due to the agenda of the press---which is to "sell" a story, and in so doing, they put a sensationalistic "spin" on facts; sometimes complete fiction; speculation; or simply resort to rumors in order to accomplish their goal, and they do it, most of the time, at a celebrity's expense. Thousands of people have supported Lyndsay Lohan from the time she was a little girl. Where are they now? Some of them are sitting back shaking their heads in judgement, disgust, or disbelief. For some, the most elementary addages that were learned before ever graduating from elementary school, have been forgotten, such as, "There by the grace of God go I", "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you", etc....So, now I urge Human Kind to pray for her to move through all of this gracefully, having learning from the lessons. God intended for her to learn from all of this. And I urge the UNkind human race to take the time to look at the choices they've made in their lives, along with the consequenses they've faced prior to finally learning the lessons they needed to learn. Everyone needs to stop "spinning" the story, the facts, the fictiony/speculation, and the sensationalism, that gets eaten up by the ]like candy by a very hungry public, all the while keeping pace with the PRESS. NO-no one knows if sh'e's broke unless they're sitting in an actual meeting with her business manager and hears it "straight from the horses mouth"--No--no one knows if her mother is feeling the burden of Lyndsay's so-called finanacial troubles, unless Dina is qouted as it's spoken from her own lips, and No---her career is NOT over: just last March(?) 2 actors that were nominated for an Academy Award (and one of the took homaan Oscar. Start exercising discipline re: your own choices, AND your pleasure centers re: your insatiable need to sit in judgement of someone else's trials and tribulations. /////////////////////////

  • jane

    lindsay lohan is a good actress.she is simply beautiful!i hope she will change for the better.stop using totally destroy your beautiful life not let drugs control are more stronger than drugs.descover your strenght to fight against not let drugs use you.i hope to see the best in you....