Lindsay Lohan's Jail Neighbor Writing Book

Lindsay Lohan's Jail Neighbor Writing Book-photo

Infamous "Bling Ring" member and Pretty Wild reality star Alexis Neiers is reportedly penning a book based on her life.

TMZ reports that the 18-year-old wild child is shopping around a book that would be "Gossip Girl goes to Hollywood" and follow around "Hollywood's most infamous party girls." The story would be loosely based on Alexis' life but be a work of fiction.

Alexis certainly knows something about infamous LA party girls: The aspiring model first rose to fame when she and a gaggle of teen pals were arrested and charged with breaking into various celebrities' homes around Hollywood. The teens gained access to the stars' houses after meeting them at clubs around LA.

Watch a clip from Alexis' trial from Pretty Wild below.

In June, Alexis went to jail after she pleaded no contest to first-degree residential burglary charges. Oddly enough, Alexis was a jail cell neighbor to Lindsay Lohan, one of the stars that she was charged with robbing. Awkward!

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  • Jurgen R. Brul
    Jurgen R. Brul

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  • Lily

    I laughed SO hard when I read the title. i though someone was writing a book about being lindsay lohan's prison neighbour.