Lindsay Lohan's Joyful Reunion with Lady Love

Lindsay Lohan had a huggy reunion with best girlfriend Samantha Ronson on the set of her new flick Labor Pains yesterday. The twosome seemed extremely chummy as they laughed and joked the day away, despite reports that they engaged in a very public fight at a Glendale, California, sushi restaurant on Saturday evening.

Lohan and Ronson reportedly ended an argument at celebrity hot spot Katsuya with Lohan storming out of the restaurant in tears.

Witnesses claim Ronson called out "it was just a joke" at a fleeing Lindsay, according to Us magazine. Someone must have had a little too much sake and given an honest review of I Know Who Killed Me.

But on Monday, reports say, Lindsay's hand was firmly ensconsed in Ronson's back pocket at one point. Maybe she was just trying to find her lighter.

That night, Lohan and Ronson welcomed boozy singer Lily Allen into their sapphic kingdom for dinner at Il Sole restaurant.

Hopefully, Allen was showing off her pink locks to Ronson and suggesting that Sam get her roots done. People are sick of seeing a grown woman looking like a surly skateboarding Hot Topic clerk.



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  • cameronkitty

    the hat w/the cig- so classy!

  • mraniston

    god samantha's shoes are always so ridiculous. how many pairs of heinous sneakers does she actually own?

  • ballier88

    haha they're such a dramatic couple of skinny b*tches

  • flirtyfabulous

    They looks so happy to see each other again... They're definitely back together.

  • xoxojaniepie

    Linds? check.

  • chichilavie

    Keys? check. Blackberry? check. Marlboro Reds? check. Red Bull? check. Sam, darling... get a fanny pack already.