Lynne Spears Likes Kevin Federline After All!

Lynne Spears Likes Kevin Federline After All!-photo

Lynne Spears just wants to keep it civil, ya'll. Britney and Jamie Lynn's mom did some couch surfing to promote her new tell-all and praised former son-in-law Kevin Federline on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

"I do like Kevin," she confessed, "he's been good to us."

Lynne announced her gratitude to K Fed, given Britney's trails and tribulations over the past two years amid divorce and custody issues.

"He could've been a real pill about a lot of things, but he wasn't.... He worked with us, and I think he's tried to make things good for the boys."

And what of her own children? Is she happy with the way they turned out, and what it took to achieve their success?

"There were certain things that I would do again, of course.... But I would always hope that my children would fulfill their dreams. And these were my children's dreams."


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  • latoya

    aww so so cute :)

  • tammy holliday
    tammy holliday

    You are such an amazing woman Kendra. Baby Hank is too freaking cute. God bless you and your beautiful family. You can be a wife and a mother and YOU ARE STILL THE BOMB. U go girl....

  • Hiedi

    AdOrAbLe!!!! I have two boys, nothing like a bond between a mommy and son!!! They melt your heart!!!!

  • Jessica

    So cute! He's having fun, and mommy too! :) hugs and kisses from the netherlands!

  • jacqui hartley
    jacqui hartley

    We need more cities pies in this world so come on kendra breed girl LOL

  • Nicole


  • Celeste

    Awwww soooo cute

  • Eleanor

    I can't believe how big he is!!! Sooo adorable!

  • Angelina

    He is and he has you and Hank to thank for his good looks!

  • liz

    He is so adorable. He looks so much like both you and hank. I wish you r show would I come back on. You are my idol. As a mom it's was nice to watch what your show had to give to other moms. Such as myself. Thanks for the inspiration :)that

  • Angie c
    Angie c

    He is going to be a heart breaker! So cute!!

  • Tori

    He is so cute!!

  • Symone

    Aww kendra he is so cute u must b so proud love u all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • maria

    He is soo cute!!! He looks just like daddy! Can't wait for your show to start in Sept. I'm super excited. U guys r cute.

  • amaka

    Awwwwh i love dis son of urs, so so cute! Kendra ur d best love ur reality show too, ur too real Go Girl!

  • Christine

    He is GORGEOUS Kendra & Hank....Now you need a girl. :0)

  • Beverly Defevers
    Beverly Defevers

    he is such a beautiful baby~ so lucky to have parents like u and Hank

  • Kellie

    What are your plans with his hair u growing it for for any reason

  • Eno Naine
    Eno Naine

    Kendra, baby hank is gorgeous baby. Be really to fight off the ladies :). I've watched you from day one... And I'm all the way in London love you lots I'm waiting for a new show. Keep the faith & love alive. Eno

  • moo

    Very cute baby hanks

  • Danielle

    He's super cute Kendra! What a precious family :)

  • Miss Fabulous
    Miss Fabulous

    Beyond Cute Kendra! He's absolutely GORGEOUS! X


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