MacGroom Yourself Like MacGruber, Win Prizes (CONTEST)

MacGroom Yourself Like MacGruber, Win Prizes (CONTEST)-photo

While no one knows the exact source of MacGruber's preternatural powers in saving the world from evil and his own ineptitude, many suspect he draws this strength from his sweet style. You know what we're talking about: the mullet, the sick flannel shirts, Aviator glasses, the cool cargo vests.

Contest: Your pals here at Celebuzz, along with the cast and crew of MacGruber, would like to see what you would like after giving yourself a nice 'MacGrooming'.

How to Enter:

Get geared up and submit a photo in the comment section below of you doing your best "MacGruber." Also include a brief description.

To upload your photo, simply click the "Add Photo" link under the comment section and follow the instructions.

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Important note: You must be a Celebuzz member to add photo comments (click to join), or you can enter through Facebook Connect.

Winners: We'll pick our favorites, and the winner will receive some awesome MacGruber merch and prizes.



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  • Joshua Kyle Jewell
    Joshua Kyle Jewell

    MacGrubered under cover in mexcio, This was the only hat they had left.

  • mamma2java

    Girl MacGruber!!!

  • Ryan Bachiochi
    Ryan Bachiochi

    MacBaldie! Tryin' to grow the mullet on top of his head... MacBaldie! Workin' the lazy eye, trying to look his best... MacBaldie! Can't wait to see the movie now... MacBALDIE!!!!