Madonna Is One Sticky, Sweet, Child of God

Madonna Is One Sticky, Sweet, Child of God-photo

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour got spiritual Saturday night in Rome when she dedicated the song Like a Virgin to the Pope, reports People.

"I'm a child of God," she told her 60,000 fans. She then allowed that they too were children of God, lest any of them think themselves lesser beings than the Great Coned-Bra'd One.

Referring to the Pontiff as Pappas, Madonna said "I know he loves me." Ever since "Papa Don't Preach," the Material Girl's daddy issues have been obvious. Check the video and see.


Madge is clearly trying to find a new way into daddy's heart since Vatican officials accused her of blasphemy for her mock crucifixion during a 2006 performance at the Olympic Stadium. Instead of tantrums,  she's going for good old fashioned love.

Maybe this way God will look the other way on the whole adultery thing.



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  • allanthekind

    Is Madonna a child of God or a Spawn of Satan? And how would she know the difference? By the way, Madonna looks just like a woman I once broke up with because it seemed unseemly that I was dating my grandmother's best friend from grammar school.