Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Still Goin' Strong

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Still Goin' Strong-photo

It's been almost six months since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon shocked the world by tying the knot after dating for just two short months. 

People said it wouldn't last.  Skeptics gave them a month; two months at most!  Bloggers laughed, classifying them with the Nicky Hiltons and the Britney Spearses of the world. 

Well who's laughing now?

The couple has made it very clear that they are still going strong and still very much in love, with all-too-public displays of affection and lovey dovey red carpet appearances.

The ten-year age difference (Mariah is 38, Nick is 28) is of no concern to them; they don't hear a word of the mocking skepticism; they only have eyes and ears for each other!

Despite public expectations for their marriage to fail, the two continue to live their lives in wedded bliss!



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  • Lauren

    u look stunning. Lil Hank is cute.

  • nikki dennison
    nikki dennison

    I hope u guys had a fab time. Plus have a sibling on the way for baby hank.

  • michelle

    Kendra lil hank is adorable. He looks a lot like u wow. Those curls. Can't wait to see your new reality season.

  • Zucelly


  • christine

    I have been following ur story for a long time and decided to ask U this question "with all God our heavenly father has done for u. I hope U are a christian and have giving ur life to christ? If not please do it now!

  • briony

    So jelous wish I could come with u xxxx

  • aleeyaandmaxxsmom

    i dont like either of them i hope they break up to be honest