Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff Split

Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff Split-photo

Ouch, nothing like having your blabbermouth ex tell the whole world on camera that she's through with you!

After a month of breakup dish, Bravo's First Annual A-List Awards were held last night, and Karina Smirnoff used her red-carpet moment to confirm to the New York Post that her relationship with Dancing with the Stars partner Mario Lopez is indeed kaput.

"He's a great guy. I think the world of him, he's a wonderful man," the Ukraine-born hoofer minced, before moving in for the kill. "I think we're both concentrating on our careers right now."

Lest there be any misinterpretation, she hammered the point home to OK! reporters: "You know I am so busy with everything going on in my life right now, I wouldn't make a good girlfriend. I don't have anytime for any extracurricular activities!"

In Lopez's case, "extracurricular activities" can presumably be taken to mean flexing in front of his bedroom mirror while bellowing, "I was Slater, dammit! I WAS SLATER!"

Check out the kiss-off video below:

Obviously, you were spouting standard-issue postbreakup BS, Karina, but really, if Mario's such a "wonderful man," why aren't you still with him? Did you get sick of him borrowing your hair products?

The split probably had something to do with these photos. When your girlfriend flashes you her jubblies and you react with a look of utter revulsion, there's really no turning back.



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  • theyxxarexxnotxxyou

    Ouch for Mario. But hey, i've seen worse, at least he didn't find out they were broken up through the media (aham poor Minnie).

  • rforrumor

    i thought they would go for a long time

  • mcdreamyisme

    What was he thinking? Always date a dancer, ALWAYS date a dancer.

  • rockinout

    she's a hottie

  • cameronkitty

    im still waiting for him to come out

  • hwoodgrrl

    i never liked them together anyways

  • mraniston

    mario...classy?? uhhhh...

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Mario is far too classy a guy to be with a woman who lets her nipples fly around all willy-nilly. That was a shameful display.

  • buzzbuddy

    I'm venturing to guess the Miami beach nip slip did Mario in.