Mario Lopez Makes Karina Smirnoff Cry—on TV

Mario Lopez Makes Karina Smirnoff Cry—on TV-photo

Naked, wet emotion overcame poor Karina Smirnoff when she sat down to chat on Chelsea Handler's E! talk show, Chelsea Lately.

The Dancing with the Stars coach unflinchingly faced questions about her recently ended relationship with Mario Lopez, but she choked back tears when Chelsea mentioned recent allegations that Lopez had been cheating on her for about a year with former Hooters calendar girl Meaghan Cooper.

"He told me he lived alone," Cooper recently told E! Online, "but I opened up [his] closet and saw a row of women's shoes and said, 'Either you are a cross-dresser or a woman is living here.' "

But it seems Karina had found out only days prior to the interview: "You know, I am okay now. I was little bit upset earlier."

Chelsea obligingly ended the interview by telling the alleged cheater to "suck an egg, Mario."

And that about sums up the general opinion on the self-absorbed, relationship-jumping wannabe panty model.



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  • tracimac

    How the hell did Mario get hottest bachelor after treating a woman like that. He's a freakin' creep! Hopefully Karina realizes that she is MUCH MUCH better off without his conceited ass around.

  • mraniston

    Everyone on dancing with the stars hooks up...its like a little slutty circle of life

  • chichilavie

    that karina is adorable. suck two eggs, mario!

  • gossipguy

    yech who likes a hooters girl?

  • notobsessed

    he's totally gay

  • hwoodgrrl

    her high, nasally voice is so annyoing

  • katie999

    it's always the hot (gay) ones that will end up screwing you over. i knew it when i saw the clip of chorus line. he's so obviously gay.

  • cameronkitty

    Chelsea is f'ing hilarious...I wanted her to make fun of Mario the entire time

  • flirtyfabulous

    Aw at least Chelsea cheered her up :)