Mario Lopez: Nude Sportsman

Mario Lopez: Nude Sportsman-photo

Mario Lopez recently told OK! that his favorite way to watch televised sports was naked.

Well, in the bathtub. So there's some suds coverage.

This is to be expected. Lopez is known for his lack of clothing.

"I’m always running around the house in underwear or nothing,” he says.

It's a rare occasion when he even wears a shirt.

"I like to take a bath and watch TV there," Lopez says. "My body is kind of achy sometimes from training.”

“I watch the news or ESPN for 20 or 30 minutes."

Now just because "A.C. Slater" isn't specifying women's volleyball as the sport he's ogling while enjoying quiet naked time doesn't mean people should jump to conclusions.



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  • Finlay

    I'm a mom of a baby boy and I really value what Kendra has to teach me and the world - its the lesson of positivity, of having fun, of embracing your own gorgeousness and feeling sexy even as life changes around you, it's the lesson of blazing your own trail, dancing to your own drum beat. She has something that is a gift to our world, and I would like to thank her for that. Watching her show inspired me during my hard times as a first time mom, and when i get a chance to work out to her fitness DVD it makes me feel better about myself because while she's gorgeous, she's also relatable, it's like having a good friend in the room. I think people should have more of an open mind before judging the value of people like Kendra.

  • Amanda

    Kendra are you going to do any book signings in Michigan?

  • ShellieB

    Looking forward to the new book, Kendra. So enjoyed your first one and cannot wait for the new season to start in TV, too!

  • wow........dat is luvly.
    wow........dat is luvly.

    I will luv to hav d book,am frm nigeria

  • cmf

    @nikki.... I think ppl know if they can afford her book or not. If they want to it's their business.

  • Marthie

    Buy a dictionary Nikki women. And get off the site if u not a fan! Good luck Kendra! Its going to be awesome!

  • Rachel

    Nikki... I'm all for freedom of speech..but I are just a HATER!! I didn't know that a book cost the same amour as a tire or an outfit...I obviously don't do much reading.. Either way KENDRA..Congrats on your new book! I adore u and Hank and I am a HUGE HUGE fan! I was that girl in the Baskett jersey in Clovis on Sunday! Lol..LOL! Mazel on your new book and i wish u much success for your tour!

  • Shiloh13

    Already ordered your book can't wait to get it. I loved your first book, so candid and honest. I'm a huge fan of yours. xoxo

  • Jane Sibary
    Jane Sibary

    Already have order in for my Kindle!

  • buzzgent

    I like to feed my cats naked. MIss Pussy is a big fan of tuna.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Yes, I like to watch sports naked too. No, wait, porn. I like to watch porn naked. I'm always getting sports and porn mixed up, which has led to some difficult situations at times.