Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Still a Duo...for Now

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Still a Duo...for Now-photo

Brian Austin "Don't Call Me David Silver" Green and his fiancée, Megan Fox, celebrated their coupledom in Los Angeles yesterday in the best possible way: With flowers and big, heaping facefuls of Mexican food.

The taco feast marked a reunion for the couple, following a period of separation while Megan filmed the upcoming comedic thriller Jennifer's Body. The period was also marked by rampant media scuttlebutt regarding the status of their relationship. According to Star magazine, Bri-Bri was none too happy that his sweetie—who's 12 years his junior—would be appearing topless in the movie.

Star quoted a source as saying, "Brian freaked out when Megan told him...he said he didn't want anyone seeing his fiancée nude.  But she assured him that the scenes will be done tastefully."   

Well, yes, tasteful. How could nude photos of Megan Fox be anything but tasteful? No wonder Brian came to his senses.
Of course, the aging former soap-opera second-stringer no doubt realizes that his chances of tapping anything that fine again are pretty slim. And who could dump a gal who chows down on a taco like that?



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