Megan Fox Is a Free Woman

Megan Fox Is a Free Woman-photo

It's official: Megan Fox has transformed into a single woman.

According to Monsters and Critics, the Transformers actress has called off her engagement to former Beverly Hills, 90210 second-stringer Brian Austin Green, to whom she had been betrothed since November 2006.

A close associate of Fox's reveals, "Megan still cares about Brian, but she now realizes she's too young to marry him."

Plus, he's a has-been.

In May, it was reported that Green was furious about Fox's topless scenes in her upcoming movie, Jennifer's Body.

Well, that's his first mistake. Any sane man dating Megan Fox would take a topless picture of her, bring it to the mall, and have a T-shirt made out of it. Probably a coffee mug, too.

Keep your head up, Brian! Take your mind off of Megan by wrangling a part on the 90210 sequel. You can play the high-school janitor with the permanent scowl who's always getting "Kick Me" signs taped to his butt.



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  • Ema

    She is not as single as you say! She is dating Lord Toph

  • goats

    If you listen carefully, you can hear the cheers of thousands of men worldwide as they hear this news.

  • buzzgent

    There are two really big reasons Brian Austin Green is gonna be crying now...

  • xoxojaniepie

    seriously... wow

  • hwoodgrrl

    DAMNIT! She is so hot!