Megan Fox Goes Topless in New Armani Ad

Megan Fox Goes Topless in New Armani Ad-photo
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Megan Fox Goes on a Date
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First she stripped down to her skivvies for Armani lingerie and now Megan Fox is going topless for the Italian design house's super sexy jeans brand. Who knew denim could be so hot?

Megan, 24, was photographed for the campaign while wearing nothing more than a pair of tight white jeans. In the sultry ad, Megan shows off her multiple back tattoos which look oddly similar to Angelina Jolie's sexy tats.

The Transformers actress has tried to fight off comparisons to the Oscar-winning mother-of-six but this new ad are sure to raise up that old comparison once again.

Megan was named the spokeswoman for Emporio Armani Underwear in 2009. Since '09 Megan has expanded to new ads for Armani's beauty and denim divisions.

Check out Megan's sexy ad for Armani cosmetics below.

What do you think of Megan's hot new ad? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo via Girogio Armani.

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  • mattvelinco213

    not "beauty". beauty is natural. she has fake boobs, undergone lipo (like she needed it..), wears green/blue colored contacts in her eyes (she really has ordinary brown eyes and theres nothing wrong with having brown eyes, they are more beautiful to a lot of people. and i think a lot of people would agree that being as fake as this is not attractive, even if with everything on she does look nice.) i honestly, and neither do my friends, do not see the "beauty." she has gotten multiple nosejobs, botox injections, and more. really not the face of beauty. i am a 27 year old man and see hotter women at my local gym/bar. Bullsh!t.

  • HDogger

    Her tats are just awful

  • poo

    yep. still doing that "you can't really see my face, so it makes the illusion of an attractive person". it's like the ugly-fat-chick myspace angle, but for ugly hollywood-wannabe waifs.