Megan Fox's Sexy New Armani Ad

Megan Fox's Sexy New Armani Ad-photo
It's official: Megan Fox and Giorgio Armani are a really awesome combination.

A new Emporio Armani Underwear featuring the former Transformers beauty has emerged, showcasing Fox's fine, fine form as she reclines across a couch in her sheer, skimpy underthings.

The ad will officially launch next month, but you can check it out above, because exercising one's eyes is very important.

What do you think of Megan's new Armani ad? Share with us in the comments section—after you've lifted your jaw off of your keyboard.



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  • psychokittyd

    i think she has a gorgeous face... but no ass at ALL!!! scarlett johannson is much more beautiful than her.

  • blah

    Photoshop Failure. Look at her hips! Ugh, I hate her anyway. plastic bitch.

  • Ned

    My idea of a dream date would be to feed Megan Fox a handful of laxatives and let her use my face for her toilet.

  • hello

    Hollywood likes to define "hot" as someone who is very skinny and anorexic looking. This girl has her ribs sticking out and there is nothing "hot" about that. I dont get what the big deal is about megan fox anyway!!

  • Michael Savage
    Michael Savage

    I agree and her stomach look weird

  • dluana

    yeah she does look too skinny .. ehh :/

  • Carilyn

    If you buy into what the media tells you is hot then I spose there's nothing hotter than Megan Fox.... o.O I wouldn't wanna knock anyone down for being naturally skinny but personally Hollywood's idea of "hot" grosses me out :-/ I swear the girls are getting skinnier and skinnier... it's getting out of control.

  • Joyce

    Nothing Armani about that crappy looking couch...

  • Mike