Meredith Baxter: Still Gay After 48 Hours!

Meredith Baxter: Still Gay After 48 Hours!-photo

An anonymous ICQ chat source known only as "GrapeApe886" has confirmed for Celebuzz that Family Ties star Meredith Baxter remains completely and totally lesbian, and is resting comfortably at home, just forty-eight hours since her stunning announcement of her homosexuality.

This past Wednesay, a world stood breathless as the 62-year-old former TV sitcom mother of Alex P. Keaton announced to the world that girls rule, boys drool, and that she was engaged in a long time relationship with another woman.

Though Ms. Baxter has for years disclosed her true sexual identity to her family, friends, reporters, Starbucks baristas, and the occasional sidecar hobo, the news still came as a complete shock to some small number of late-thirty-something males who sheepishly admit to having routinely withdrawn "Elyse Keaton" from their tug vault throughout the 1980's.

Celebuzz will continue to track this ridiculously important story and will provide updates as the situation on the ground warrants.



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  • JimmyB

    Shame on you Edwardo. Logic like yours will only perpetuate the stereotype that Meridith Baxter has a career.

  • Edwardo

    My, Nancy, aren't you bitter and twisted? At the end of the day if Ms Baxter's coming out can help others accept their sexuality she has done a great thing by going public. Who cares if you switch channels whenever you seee her? It will hardly affect her career!

  • Nancy

    Totally DISGUSTING~!!!!! Is this the woman's attempt to somehow/anyhow get back into the headlines. Whatever...... but I vote with my feet, and I will switch channels EVERY time I spot her deceptive disgusting face! N.