Michael Bolton's Daughters Control His Love Life

Michael Bolton's Daughters Control His Love Life-photo

Love is a wonderful thing. Except for singer Michael Bolton and actress Nicollette Sheridan.

The latest issue of Life&Style explains the reason the couple—who have been on-again, off-again since 1992—called it quits this time around.

"[Bolton's adult daughters] Isa, Holly and Taryn disliked Nicollette," says an insider. "Michael played referee and tried to smooth things over, but when push came to shove, he chose his daughters over his fiancée."

Gosh, what a pushover. This is in quite stark contrast to another pop star, who wields an iron fist over her daughter and not vice-versa.

Maybe Michael should take the advice of Nicollette's Desperate Housewives co-star Teri Hatcher, and just tell his daughters to go occupy themselves with sex and chocolate.



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  • susan

    Michael simply doesn't want to lose his babies they are his greatest investment 4 life. Sheridan doesn't look like a serious woman she dates for fame. mike as a responsible father adores his girls and tells everybody "my family first then my career. Michael stay with ur girls because they are to take care of u when you are very old. i wish u the very best.

  • offman

    If had to choose, would you rather: A) Be stuck in an elevator listening to Michael Bolton's greatest hits on repeat while watching Kenny G style his curly tendrils in the mirror. or B) Be stuck in an elevator watching Nicollette receive Botox injections and collagen from Dr. Michael Bolton (no relation) while Kenny G plays on repeat.