Michael Cera and DJ Pauly D: What Is Happening Here?

Michael Cera and DJ Pauly D: What Is Happening Here?-photo

In today's BEST PICTURE EVER, we present to you Michael Cera and DJ Pauly D (known for hairgel use, hardcore fist-pumping, dancing by air-fighting in Jersey Shore!), two people who obvioiusly have lots of reasons to be hanging out together.

Pauly D tweeted this picture after informing fans, "in NYC filming a skit for Michael Cera's new film "Youth in Revolt"...this is going to be hilarious." 

It already is, Pauly. Also, who knew Cera would look so sweet with four gallons of hair product all up in his emo-fro?

Anyway, leave us captions in the comments about what the hell might be happening here.



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  • ana

    the movie comes out friday. they're cutting it close with these new additions

  • Joey Downtown
    Joey Downtown

    Cera: I freakin' invented the poof!

  • XD

    lmao this would make for a great comedy film