Michael Jackson's Death Due to Drugs?

Michael Jackson's Death Due to Drugs?-photo

Was Michael Jackson's untimely death on Thursday afternoon due to a dependence on various prescription drugs?

A number of reports are beginning to emerge that suggest it might be so.

TMZ reports that the "Thriller" singer—whose autopsy is currently being conducted—may have overdosed on Demerol.

According to their account, the BMW of Jackson's doctor—whose whereabouts are currently unknown—was towed away from the Jackson's home on Thursday night, and a source in the law-enforcement field has told them that the doc gave Jackson an injection before he died.

Moreover, People magazine reports, Jackson's family has been gravely concerned about his increasing use of various prescription medications. In 2006, the magazine says, members of his family attempted to stage an intervention for Jackson, but he bristled at the notion and they were unsuccessful.

"The family believes Michael is addicted," a family source told the mag at the time. "There was an intervention in Las Vegas. Janet was on the phone, but Randy, Jackie and Rebbie were there in person."

"Michael got p*ssed off," the insider continued. "He said he wasn't on drugs. But they didn't believe him."

A source also revealed that Jackson had an aide who would secure prescriptions from multiple physicians, enabling the singer while putting his life at risk.

"[The aide] has contacts wherever they are," said the source, adding that Jackson had been taking "straight morphine, Demerol and opiates like Oxycontin. He also takes Valium and Xanax."

The source added, "Michael is a clinically functioning addict and these are the most dangerous," the source continued. "They stop and start. These are the ones that OD ... It could happen any minute."

Was that statement grimly foreboding? Hopefully the autopsy results will shed more light on the subject.



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  • harsha

    Jackson is my fav singer.I am not believing that he was addict to drugs. He is really THE KING OF POP. He will live in our heart forever.His songs are evergreen hits" MAY GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS CHILDREN"

  • Shahzi

    i believe that jackson was not addict.there was something wrong happened at that day because he was happy the day before his death.he practiced for 10 to 11 songs 4 his coming shows.he was a nice,rocking,dashing and THE KING OF POP.he is not in between us but his acts and his magical voice will always be in between us...love u MICHEAL.u were a star and u will be a star forever.WE ALL ARE PROUD OF U.@>-'-GOD BLESS HIM AND FORGIVE HIS SINS AND MISTAKES...AMEEEEEN@>-'-

  • C!

    God Bless U And Your Wonderful Children+ Your FamilY In Danish We SaY: Må Gud Være Med Diq Michael Jackson.. No 1 Can Take His Place...!!

  • rebecca

    i love mich hes my best singer but i have no idea how he turn wahite that s weed

  • shaura26

    oh and RIP Michael

  • shaura26

    Hey, I have had a Demerol shots in my a** a few different times and let me tell you if I could legally have a Demerol shot daily I would. Besides, they almost always blame celebrity death on overdoses. 9 times out of 10 they are right, but does anyone ever consider what led to the drug addiction in the first place? Anyway, I personally wouldn't recommend a Demerol shot to the butt. IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!

  • lizbizz11

    That photo is more than terrifying....

  • noah

    That photo is terrifying.


    i am not happy for that god bless him ipray for him

  • charliemurphy

    I didn't know that little boy underwear is considered a drug. Interesting.

  • mjforever

    OK, seriously, get a life! Does it matter now? Of course it would've been sad if he was an addict, but he passed away. He's not coming back to us by knowing "the cause of his death". This man gave his life to music. I just think it's important that we'll remember him as an amazingly talented and inspiring artist.