Mike Welch Talks 'New Moon' and RPattz

Mike Welch Talks 'New Moon' and RPattz-photo

Twilight fans know actor Michael Welch as the lovable Mike Newton in the vampire series, and Celebuzz recently scored an interview with the rising star.

When we asked what part of New Moon will surprise fans the most, he said that the biggest shocker, hands-down, will be the scenes with the Volturi in Italy. "Chris Weitz is one of the best directors out there...visually just really knows what to do with the camera, so I think Italy is going to look amazing," Welch offered.

We also asked him about the much-talked-about partying the cast did while filming in Vancouver, but he claims that it wasn't anything too wild.

"It was mostly just going out to dinner after everybody gets off work, and then maybe going back to somebody’s hotel room if we didn’t feel like going to bed yet to keep the party going, but that was about it," says Welch.

Of course we also grilled him about Rob Pattinson, who it turns out helped him tremendously with his music (Mike plays the drums). RPattz—who contributed the song "Never Think" to the Twilight soundtrack and has been known to perform gigs under the alias Spunk Ransom—gave Welch tons of tips and advice on songwriting.

"He said the way that he does it which really freed him up to write some really interesting stuff is that he sort of picks a chord or just starts playing a melody of some kind, sees how it makes him feel emotionally, and then just kinda starts singing—not lyrics—but just kinda the foundation of what the lyrics would be," the 21-year-old Los Angeles native reveals. "Which is why his songs have that very specific feel where he’s kinda like, 'Nyaah, moooaah, woooah,' you know what I mean? That’s how he writes the songs. He just sort of feels, picks a chord, sees how he feels emotionally, just starts singing in gibberish, and then writes the lyrics on top of that, and I think it’s a really interesting way of going about it. I’ve never heard of somebody doing it that way before. But, you know, I thought it was cool."

Of course, if anyone can make gibberish sound cool, it's our man Rob!

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    Geez people- GROW UP. I am a huge fan of Rob, and the Twilight saga but the man is busy and is tired of not being able to take a piss without a crowd watching trying to get wet!! He's awesome, and handsome, and we'd all love it if he noticed us, but let the man work without worrying about who's gonna attack him next. He's an actor (YES A HOTTTT ACTOR WHO IS AMAZING) BUT COME ON. Give him some peace and let him rest. If you love him- enjoy his work. But give him some peace and the ability to take a S_ _ t without a crowd around to watch!!

  • Melanie

    very interesting..! I hope one day Rob makes a cd or something..he's awsome!

  • janey

    Will Mike ever stop talking about New Moon. I hope Rob is contributing music to Remember Me

  • FactCheckAnyone

    I'm not a Rob fanatic, and even I know that Pattinson's alias for music is Bobby Dupea (an old Jack Nicholson character), not Spu(n)k Ransom (something he made up during an interview with MTV). Look up Bobby Dupea on YouTube. And please fact check your articles. 10th graders in English class take more responsibility for the information they publish than you have on this site.

  • abigailcullen

    Cool you know i don't think Micheal Welch likes Robert Pattinson because there like really far from each other never seen as friends and Micheal was supposed to play Edward Cullen until Robert showed up and i think Kristen is great full for that at least i would be....hahaha

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    I want Rob to write me a song!!

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