Miley Cyrus Debuts New Man, Pinkie Tattoo (PHOTOS)

On a break from filming LOL (and dancing it up) in Paris, Miley Cyrus returned stateside on Wednesday, debuting a new heart tattoo on her pinkie when she rolled into Los Angeles' LAX airport with a handsome new friend (who is not her co-star and rumored new love interest, Douglas Booth.)

Click through for more shots of Miley's new ink and new man. Do you approve of either? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Stephanie Inman
    Stephanie Inman

    If it is a real tattoo maybe it means something to her, Maybe it is something we know nothing about.

  • Stephanie Inman
    Stephanie Inman

    I think it is very cute, what she can't have different taste, get over it.

  • ana

    i think she's too young for tats and yesthey can be removed but also yes they are addictive. she is suppose be setting an example to young girls too. still alot of little girls who idolize hannah/miley. don't see why billy ray (her dad) doesn't say anything yes she has all this money but he still is her father and she is still a minor. alot of these young stars always go to the extreme to just start ruining their bodies and or reps. just my opinion and who ever doesn't like then don't read it!

  • zaipaovantirso

    yeah, supa pretty, gorgeous miley!!! i love this girl... more ppower and stay cool miley...:)

  • Laura Beucher
    Laura Beucher

    Super cute!

  • Antoinette

    Cute tattoo. She's a pretty girl!

  • vtff

    what is she wearing? seriously. wtf, she looks like a clueless old woman with a goofy little smile on her face

  • fake

    that just looks like pen to me. ya i feel like she just drew that on there

  • bridge

    wtf she wears a crown ring on one finger, a skull ring on another, and a f*cking heart on her pinky..

  • yvette

    what a stupid tatt. not even original, and its lopsided.

  • lea

    i think its cute.

  • Andreea Diana
    Andreea Diana

    Cute tattoo.

  • ky

    those glasses make her look like she has a uni-brow!!! not a good look Miley.

  • lulufan18

    that just looks like pen to me.

  • doofUS

    damn skeletor!

  • EDNA


  • iii

    I know M:C: & she is not dating douglas.. period

  • leah

    what is she wearing?

  • madonna

    I think the tattoo is actually cute, small, and simple which happen to be the best kind any woman could have. Definitely better than the one on her ear, that one is just funny lol

  • sama

    i don't know why miley want to change before she was more classy maybe she wants to adult but before she was more better i love her but i want to break this sunglasses

  • sama egypt
    sama egypt

    this tattoo is very awsome miley is the best

  • amanda

    its cute :D

  • annabannana56

    This should be Miley Cyrus' next tattoo. LOL!

  • ashytisdalefan

    uhm, he has a girlfriend o.O love you miley.

  • javi

    noah dude is that real? if it is is too funny better than bart simpson f*cking lisa sorry i don't have the pic but if miley gets that one she will give her grand ma a heart attck L O L.

  • Lix

    Get a life people! its her body she can do wat she wants wit it! and she has the money if she so chooses to late to get them removed! gosh friken idiots!

  • noah

    This should be Miley Cyrus' next tattoo.

  • bridge

    oh ur soo cool with ur gay little tattoos

  • !@annabannana56

    ok I don't like Miley but come on yall let the girl get some tats! It's not messing with you unless you have no life and is living through her.....which is sad!

  • Jamie

    That's her dancer's boyfriend. Celebuzz needs to get their facts straight. Oh wait....they never do. Get off this poor girl's back, Celebuzz.

  • Maria

    I love Miley & everything but she needs to cool it with getting all these tattoos. I mean she already has 3 tattoos & she's not even 18 yet. If she's trying to make a point...that point was made a long time ago.

  • hearts

    First off, not every hut she hangs out with is her boyfriend. Secondly, be careful,MIley! Tatoos are addicting (just ask Rihanna) Her tatoos are always in akward spots(her upper rib cage, inside her ear and now her pinkie? I may not like where she put it, but she got "just breathe" on her rib cage because her childhood friend died of Cystic Fibrosis, at least her tatoos mean something...

  • dnanaa

    OMG people are CRAZY! That guy is her friend Jen's boyfriend! Jen is one of her back-up dancers. Everytime she went out with her in Paris, that guy was there. And her tatoo is pretty cool but it's kind of like her "LOVE" tatoo.

  • mememe

    she has the worst tattoos, she should try somthing new

  • annabannana56

    Nothing special.