Miley Cyrus Really Loves Her Abdomen

Miley Cyrus Really Loves Her Abdomen-photo

More photos that were hacked from the email address of Miley Cyrus have emerged. After her continued assertion that she was duped into taking those infamous Vanity Fair photos, Miley has no one to blame but herself for these scantily-clad self-portraits.

Unless she's looking to pin this shit on Hannah Montana.

The rebellious 15-year-old is looking to break out of her Disney Channel persona, is dealing with up-and-coming tween stars trying to steal her thunder and her ex-boyfriend and now has more of these revealing personal pictures.

Miley's got 99 problems, but clearly self-confidence is not one of them.



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  • Zach Menningen
    Zach Menningen

    everyone everywhere posts nude sh*t all over. just cuz the famous ppl get noticed dont make it any different. and if the kids she is a role model for saw the pics.. they were looking for them. that gives parents more of a bad name than miley. shes a gorgous young girl and if she wants to be naked.. let it be.. your daughter does it too.

  • Shug

    i think ppl need to lighten up.. everyone posts nude sh*t all over everywhere.. and just cuz the famous ppl get noticed faster. doesnt mean they should be ridiculed for it. if the kids shes a role model for see the pics.. they were looking for them therefore its their bad and the parents that raised them.. not mileys. shes gorgous. and if she wants to get naked. that her thing. leave it be. your daughter does it too.

  • ... What?
    ... What?

    there is absolutly NOTHING wrong with this picture ! shes just in a bathin suit ! every teen takes pic's like this, and i must say i like her bathin suit :) Wow nice job dumbass, it's her bra and underwear...

  • michelleroseaboveit

    let her live....she is a normal teen. STOP trying to push the girl over the edge.

  • just somebody
    just somebody

    I'm not one really to get into the celebrity hype. Now not so much this photo but the one with mily in the black tee with really tiny shorts or underwair (hard to tell) I have to admit looks pretty provocative. But it really is up to her how to present herself and I think there's just too much celebrity buzz and she's just a new person to shine the light on today. Who knows who will be chosen tomarrow.

  • beccaboo

    I don't see anything wrong with any of these pics...what's wrong is that they were hacked...aka stolen from the poor girl. Please, get over it, she's a young girl growin up, totally normal for a girl her age...all you haters, stop hatin' you know you have done somethin' similar at least once in ur lives, u are just not famous so they never wound up on the internet. Besides if I had a stomach like that I would be showin it off too. Miley...I hope you read this by some odd chance...keep doin your thang girl, and let the haters keep hatin'!!!!! I think you are adorable!!!!

  • Razzyle

    this is just stupid to make an issue of. Whats the big deal, she's wearing a bathing suit? so what? yeah, she IS a role model, are you trying to say no child should wear swim suits? seems like people are just looking for something to pick on. Okay, maybe you could make an issue about if SHE were the one posting these pictures online, but she's not. Some obsessed looser is prying into her personal albums and then posting it online. I don't know why everyone is acting like its such a scandal when they know darn well they've taken pitcures of their kids at the beach or in the backyard swimming while wearing a bathing suit!! It's not child porn, it's documenting moments of our lives. Unfortunately any creep can turn something this harmless into something so disgusting.

  • ANM

    Comment above me: Disney is not cancelling HM. That was a lie and it is set to run 2 more seasons. Sorry. More important, these pictures were STOLEN. And the dick who did this to her has the nerve to inscribe his name across her photos. I still have not figured out why this bastard is not in jail. You haters that are continuosly tearing her down need to STOP! The VF photo was nothing and these picts. never would have seen the life of day if a crime called distributing child p*rn had not been committed by Trainreq and all sites showing them off.

  • anonymous

    im glad she is cancelling the show becuz if she keeps going on with it she will continuously be called a role model......and i feel bad for her what people say about her.

  • Anonymous

    look this girl is sooo stupid wtf is she doing shes a role model to little kids lol she should say what so i can say MANGUERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!