Miley Cyrus: Sushi, Justin and Song

Miley Cyrus: Sushi, Justin and Song-photo

Miley Cyrus was acting awfully fishy with her BF and coworkers on Wednesday.

The Hannah Montana star hit up Hollywood eatery Sushi Q—apparently a favorite chomping ground for her—with her underwear-shilling beau, Justin Gaston, along with co-stars Emily Osment and Jason Earles.

Apparently as thrilled with the food there as Miley is, Gaston, Osment and Earles had more than their fair share of raw fish. "They ordered quite a bit of sushi," says an onlooker. "They seemed to be having a good time—they were laughing."

Not just laughing—singing, in Miley's case. Perhaps overwhelmed with joy at her meal, the 16-year-old tweener queen burst into song right there in the packed restaurant. An eyewitness notes that the song had something to do with a supernova.

Maybe she was busting out the Oasis classic "Champagne Supernova"? It wouldn't be surprising if she'd decided to find a new favorite British band, after getting dissed so badly by Radiohead at the Grammys this year.

Whatever song she was singing, it's nice to know that she was in a much better mood than she was during her last meal with Justin.



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  • nakeisha

    I dont think that it is fair the way poeple are doing miley..the minute she jus wants to have fun and be herself then it is all so wrong huh....i feel that she is in the celeb business and she might not be all the way use to it yet and so she migh t do somethings(nothin that a normal teenager wouldnt do). i mean she aint doin nothin that she shouldnt b doin..she jus being a teen..but the min she do something people wanna act like she committed a crime or'll b nice if yall jus let her live her me miley is a nice girl..n would yall jus leave her alone!!! makin n twistin up all these stories about her!!

  • boring

    .....Good to know.............