Miley's New Beau Has an Underwear Model Past

Miley's New Beau Has an Underwear Model Past-photo

When Miley Cyrus takes her boyfriend Justin Gaston to church, he wears a wife-beater. Some may think that's nutty, but the buff lad is just honoring his down-home an underwear model.

Judging from his portfolio, the boy's being conservative just by covering up his nipples. That's something these young lovebirds have in common.

Maybe Miley is better suited to the likes of Justin than ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas after all. Let's just hope she's stopped making a habit of collecting her boyfriend's socks.



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  • brendan

    dear miley not many boyfriends have the guts to show pictures of them self in just his underwear. I think you should take pictuers of you in just your underwear and put them on the internet.

  • starjonesing

    Miley's sex tape was inevitable anyway. Which one would you rather watch? I don't think this kid will be fumbling with his purity ring.

  • MileyFan

    Even if they aren't dating, Miley you're one lucky girl haha to even know him

  • noah

    the sex tape from these two is inevitable.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Whoa. that's off the charts sexy. Repulsive, I mean. Repulsive.