Angelina Jolie Cries in Brad Pitt’s Arms in ‘By the Sea’ Still

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 8, 2015

They’re not Mr. and Mrs. Smith anymore. More »

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Kiss, Tom Hardy Brings His Sexy to the ’Mad Max: Fury Road’ Premiere

By: Michael Prieve / May 8, 2015

Last night (May. 07, 2015), the stars of Mad Max: Fury Road hit the red carpet for the film’s premiere at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Calif. More »

Blake Lively Joins Kristen Stewart in Woody Allen’s New Film

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 7, 2015

Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart are going to be in a movie together. Not just any movie, but a Woody Allen film in particular, which at this moment in time is still unscripted and untitled. More »

WATCH: Chris Hemsworth Takes His Pet Trouser Snake on ‘Vacation’

By: Mia Lardiere / May 7, 2015

Objects in the trailer of Vacation are closer than they appear. More »

WATCH: The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Honest Trailer Is Perfect

By: Peggy Truong / May 6, 2015

He really does have control over everything she eats…… More »

‘Mean Girls’ Spin-Off ‘Mean Moms’ Is a Thing That’s Happening And Jennifer Aniston Might Be In It

By: Us Weekly / May 6, 2015

Though we’re not getting a Mean Girls reunion sequel any time soon, we’re getting the next best thing: a spin-off called Mean Moms. More »

Pretty Girls: Our 15 Favorite Female Pop Collaborations

By: Matt Russoniello / May 6, 2015

Between the release of Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea‘s “Pretty Girls” and our longing for a Lady Gaga / Madonna / Katy Perry single, we felt inspired to revisit our favorite female pop collaborations from years past. More »

The New ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer Is Here: Who’s Thirsty?

By: Peggy Truong / May 6, 2015

You’ll never look at soda the same again. More »

Charlize Theron Talks Equal Pay in Hollywood, Calls Sean Penn the Love of Her Life

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 6, 2015

Charlize Theron has no time for your misogyny. More »

There’s a Sexy, New ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Trailer

By: Kendall Fisher / May 5, 2015

Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourselves: there’s a new trailer for Magic Mike XXL, and it promises a whole lot of sexiness. More »

Robin Williams Movie ‘Absolutely Anything’ Gets First Trailer

By: Us Weekly / May 4, 2015

Robin Williams’ final films have been arriving in theaters over the past year, and one of them, the upcoming feature Absolutely Anything, just got its first trailer. More »

Here’s Your First Look at Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 4, 2015

It’s a good day to be a Star Wars fan. More »

‘Suicide Squad’ Suits Up for the First Costumed Cast Photo

By: Natasha Reda / May 4, 2015

By the looks of the first cast photo, Suicide Squad will be downright scary. … More »

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts Kissing Lead Today’s Star Sightings

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 1, 2015

New couple alert? Not quite. More »

Zac Efron Isn’t a Comedy Star, Says Sony Exec in Leaked Emails

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 1, 2015

Apparently, no amount of skin could save Zac Efron and his upcoming comedy, Dirty Grandpa. More »

Elizabeth Banks May or May Not Have Just Dissed Tara Reid

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 1, 2015

The super-talented, humorous, and amazing Elizabeth Banks recently kind of called out and dissed Tara Reid during her Pitch Perfect 2 press tour (of which she directed and co-starred in alongside Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and more). More »

First Look At Stephen Amell In ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2′

By: Huffington Post / May 1, 2015

Producer Michael Bay released the first photo of Arrow star Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, the vigilante in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, on Friday. More »

Idina Menzel Finds Your Elsa From ‘Frozen’ Comparisons ‘Insulting’

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 1, 2015

Idina Menzel is totally cool being called Adele Dazeem, but don’t you dare say she dyed her hair blonde because of her Frozen character. More »

Courtney Stodden Doesn’t Want to Release Her Sex Tape After All

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 1, 2015


Though she’s been offered $1 million for her masturbation “sex tape,” Courtney Stodden isn’t taking the bait. More »

Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Shares a Striking Resemblance to Mom

By: Taylor Rock / May 1, 2015

Reese Witherspoon and her 15-year-old daughter, Ava Phillippe, might as well be twins. More »

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