Aspiring Singer Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Working with Kanye West on Her First Single

By: Jess Cohen / June 1, 2015

Kylie Jenner wants to become a singer and Kanye West is going to make it happen. More »

About Those Lady Gaga Pregnancy Rumors…

By: Peggy Truong / June 1, 2015

Leave it to Lady Gaga to have the best response to all that noise about being pregnant. More »

Enrique Iglesias Had a Bloody Mid-Concert Drone-Grabbing Incident in Mexico

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 31, 2015

Drones, man.

As it turns out, they’re really dangerous if you try to grab one in midair, as Enrique Iglesias learned the hard way last night during a concert in Tijuana, Mexico. More »

WATCH: Adam Levine Bares His Cute Butt in New Music Video for ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf*cker’

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 31, 2015

Hello Adam Levine’s butt!

Love him or hate him, we can all admit: the Maroon 5 frontman has a cute tushie. More »

Iggy Azalea Cancels Her Arena Tour

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 29, 2015

Iggy Azalea has decided to scrap the entirety of her “The Great Escape Tour.”… More »

Justin Bieber Can’t Stop Singing ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ to Random Strangers

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 29, 2015

Just like Bill Murray with party-crashing, Justin Bieber has now become synonymous with making unwarranted appearances into people’s lives. More »

Nicki Minaj Requires Lovers to Sex Her to Completion

By: Matt Russoniello / May 29, 2015

Nicki Minaj(‘s anaconda) don’t want none unless you can make her come. More »

Shirtless Drake Is Your New Dream Workout Buddy

By: Peggy Truong / May 29, 2015

Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of Drake fans swooning over the rapper’s latest gym photo. More »

Wouldn’t It Be Funny if Beyoncé’s Music Ends Up Getting Pulled From Tidal?

By: Matt Russoniello / May 29, 2015

We won’t debase ourselves by making a “99 Problems” joke, but suffice it to say Jay Z’s streaming music service, Tidal, has more problems than it knows how to handle. And its latest problem is the most ironic yet. More »

Song of the Summer 2015: Our Predictions

By: Matt Russoniello / May 28, 2015

Place your bets! It’s time to decide on 2015’s Song of the Summer. More »

LISTEN: Little Mix Clarifies Britney Spears Comments, Sings ‘Pretty Girls’

By: Jess Cohen / May 28, 2015

Little Mix is clarifying those Britney Spears comments. More »

Ashanti and Ja Rule to Tour… in Australia

By: Peggy Truong / May 28, 2015

It’s a Murder Inc. miracle. More »

A$AP Rocky Clarifies Rita Ora Diss in ‘Better Things’

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 27, 2015

A$AP Rocky is breaking his silence on just why he decided to call out Rita Ora in his new song, “Better Things.”… More »

People Are Petitioning to Have Iggy Azalea’s Top Rap Song Billboard Award Retracted

By: Gabrielle Chung / May 27, 2015

Iggy Azalea just can’t win. More »

Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Lands No. 1 Spot on Billboard Hot 100

By: Jess Cohen / May 27, 2015

Taylor Swift just landed her fourth No. 1 song! That’s right, “Bad Blood” officially hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. More »

WATCH: Kendrick Lamar Reveals How He Got Involved with Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 27, 2015

Kendrick Lamar made a rare TV appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show (airing today, May 27, 2015), where he performed “These Walls” and spoke about working with Taylor Swift on her chart-topping song and video for “Bad Blood.”… More »

LISTEN: Is Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor’s ‘Painkiller’ the Song of the Summer?

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 27, 2015

Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor’s new song “Painkiller” is making a good run for the song of the summer. More »

Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Night Is Still Young’ Music Video Is a Beautiful, Long Evening

By: Peggy Truong / May 27, 2015

Ready to go on a gorgeous journey with Nicki Minaj? More »

Little Mix Reveals ‘Pretty Girls’ ‘Wasn’t Really for Us’ So They Gave it to Britney Spears

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / May 27, 2015

The ladies of Little Mix made a surprising revelation about why they passed on the pop anthem they co-wrote, “Pretty Girls,” which was then swooped up by pop powerhouses Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea. More »

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Are Starting a Record Label

By: Mia Lardiere / May 27, 2015

It’s about time that Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato put a label on their friendship. More »

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