Naomi Campbell's Hair Retreats and Surrenders

Naomi Campbell's Hair Retreats and Surrenders-photo

It's been a steady decline since Naomi Campbell got busted in Heathrow Airport for lashing out at airport staff. As if the woman didn't have enough baggage, now she has to worry about a receding hairline.

Stepping out of Cipriani restaurant in Mayfair last night, Naomi accidentally pushed back her wig, exposing a gross expanse of forehead underneath.

According to the Daily Mail, the appalled catwalk strutter "started shouting and ran back inside."

Campbell waited a few minutes, then tried to disguise her exit by hiding behind a group of friends. Once she made it to her car, Naomi just slumped down in her seat.

Erratic behavior is nothing new for Naomi. The model was recently spotted falling on her ass drunk engaging in trust games with her friends.

But if it's her hair that's causing her so much public humiliation, she should just shave it all off. If she's lucky, she'll end up on this list.



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  • Mimi

    Alopecia is no joke,folks! I for one have refused to subject my hair, my health and my self esteem to impossible beauty standards. Once I noticed that my hair did not do well with relaxers ( I'm severely allergic to them) nor with weaves/extensions, I came to the logical conclusion that my hair needs to do its thing. So for the past seven years it's been box braids and Afros as I allow my hair to enjoy its natural texture. I have learned how to care for my hair with natural non-toxic products( baking soda and apple cider vinegar really do clean your hair better than any shampoo on the market) About three months ago ,I began to grow me some locs when I decided I'd try the braided look full time and it is finally "me". Naomi can pull off an elegant Natural. She just needs patience and good non-toxic hair care products. If I can regrow major bald patches (as a result of a relaxer a stylist put into my hair without permission years after I'd sworn off ) in such a short time as I did, I have every confidence that she too can recover her damaged hairline. It may take a while longer due to the long term damage,but it can be done.

  • missamericandream

    I hope I dont lose my hair

  • notobsessed

    Naomi is one crazy supermodel...but arent they all?

  • hwoodgrrl

    I like her dress

  • katie999

    her face is too long to pull off a shaved head.

  • cameronkitty

    She should endorse some hair growth product

  • flirtyfabulous

    Ew that's so gross!!! That's why she should just keep her bangs. You can see it even when she doesn't brush her hair back.