New on Celebuzz: Add Photos to your Comments!

New on Celebuzz: Add Photos to your Comments!-photo

You asked for it? You got it!

Celebuzz users now have the ability to add photos to their comments!

To upload your photo, simply click the "Add Photo" link under the comment section and follow the instructions. It's super easy.

add photo example

Remember, you must be signed into your Celebuzz account to add photo comments (click to join). You can also add a photo if you sign in using the Facebook Connect button in the comment section.



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  • matilda

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  • matilda

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  • regans

    Genius. Pure genius.

  • noah

    You realize this is going to take my sh*t-talking to a whole new level, right? In other news, this wiener dog is adorably delicious.

  • buzzbuddy

    Incredible :)

  • itsmemarke