New Chris Brown Music: 'Yeah 3X'

New Chris Brown Music: 'Yeah 3X'-photo

Chris Brown is ready to make an impression with his music again, after a year and a half of being defined by his misdeeds.

The "Run It!" singer—who's currently serving probation for the 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihannadebuted a sizable snippet of a new song, "Yeah 3X," on San Francisco radio station WILD 94.4 on Wednesday.

The lyrics read, in part,

"In the moment, can't believe
You're so beautiful
Feels like I'm in a dream
Baby, we're goin' somewhere you've never been before
So take my hand and come with me
Don't feel out of place 'cause I'm in love with this feeling"

Though it's uncertain whether the song will be included on his upcoming fourth, and as yet untitled, album (which is tentatively slated for release next year), it's clear that Brown hopes it will find a place in the hearts of his fans. On Wednesday the singer Tweeted,

"i hope you liked the record everyone who heard it and thx for your support."

Are you ready to say "Yeah" three times to Brown's new song? Give it a listen below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • krazyeyez

    THIS SONG SUCKS ASS!!! DIE CHRIS BROWN YOUR sh*t WILL HIT IT SOUNDS LIKE sh*t! Just like you bitch ass ***!

  • truth

    White people gone luv dis, lol no offense. We judge each other like that, he gotta deliver on both ends

  • Peanut

    Chirs brown is Sexy yall haters!!!



  • ihatefood

    more of the same tired, recycled eurodance stuff he's done before. it took him that long to come up with this?

  • wert

    yeah yeah yeah who caressssssssssssssss omg this song sucks soo bad it sounds just like forever