New Moon's Michael Sheen: Dakota Fanning Looks "Unsettling"

New Moon's Michael Sheen: Dakota Fanning Looks

Michael Sheen has been tweeting all sorts of scoop since arriving in Vancouver to film the Twilight sequel New Moon.

The Frost/Nixon actor, who plays Volturi clan head Aro in New Moon, is keeping the Twi-hards atwitter via Twitter, dispensing brief on-the-scene dispatches.

One of the more eyebrow-raising revelations is that he finds his castmate Dakota Fanning, who's handling the role of Jane in the upcoming film, "unsettling."

"Met [Twilight author] Stephenie [Meyer] yesterday on the set," Sheen tweeted on Friday. "She was very charming and enthusiastic and very positive. Keep forgetting how freaky I look with my red eyes."

Two minutes later, Sheen added, "I think Dakota may look the most unsettling though. So angelic yet so weird. As Jane that is of course. Like an evil red riding hood."

There you have it, people: Dakota Fanning. Like an evil red riding hood. As Jane, of course.

Have your say in the comments section: Are you looking forward to seeing Michael Sheen as Aro and Dakota Fanning as Jane?



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  • ocunthole

    i want michael sheen to f*ck me in the arse!!!

  • puss

    Michael Sheen is beautiful!

  • addict

    michael sheen will be exquisite for sure. from lycan to vampire?!!im looking forward to THAT!!! i think antonio banderas would be great if he's Marcus. im thankful that dakota is Jane. She has expressive eyes and knowing what Jane could do just glaring and smiling at you... i hope everyone would still rephrase their roles until breaking dawn coz it would be a BIG disappointment if they take one out.

  • beentheredonethat

    michael sheen is spot on for aro. you are going to love it!!!

  • Cindy

    ps.. Antonio Banderas was HOT in Interview with a vampire and don't even get me started on Zorro .. oh baby, dancing with Catherine in those white slacks of his WOW!!!!! I wanted to dance with him!! but he really has moved on since then- I don't think he'd even give it a 2nd thought.. NOTHING negative about Twilight or Antonio... then again.. his sexy accent and nobody can forget how he LOOKED in "Interview..."as an addition to.. though, not a replacement!!

  • Cindy

    I think they will be AWESOME! The minute I heard Dakota even thinking about being involved in the Twilight Saga I KNEW she would be a perfect Jane- She is GREAT at anything she does- she'll always be little Dakota Fanning to me though, I hope she stays sweet as for Michael though- just looking at him makes me think Volturi.. (he he) but I mean that in a good way!! :)

  • nath

    DAKOTAA is perfectt soo perfect for the roole of jane!! i'm soo happy of their cast choiicee it's awsoomee!:) can''t wait for the poster & the trailer & for the movieee obviousleyy!!

  • Tina

    I would say the Dakota Fanning is just perfect for jane, but Michael Sheen as Aro, MAYBE!!! We will just have to wait and find out if this is perfect match or not!!!

  • Debora

    Michael will be great as Aro, I fell in love with him in the movies when he played the head werewolf in Underworld.

  • sala white
    sala white

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  • tashpattz

    I think Michael is the perfect Aro! But I've heard ppl saying they want Antonio Banderas, I mean wtf?! Anyway I don't know 'bout Dakota as Jane but if Melissa Rosenberg likes her, there must be something they like about her they can bring to the role! I am LOVING Michael's tweets! x