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The ‘Nerd Prom’ aka the 101st Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner Is Tonight – Live Stream It Here

Tonight (April 25, 2015) is the annual White House Correspondents' dinner (and 101st year of the dinner), more affectionately known as the "Nerd Prom," and you can stream it live right here.

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / April 25, 2015

Perfect Woman Blake Lively Confesses She Has Bad Manners, Even in Front of President Obama

From the Ritz in Paris to a dinner party with President Obama, perfect woman Blake Lively just can't seem to get her etiquette under control (yeah, right).

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / April 23, 2015

Azealia Banks Totally Wants to Bang President Obama, and Other Fun Facts

Whether you care to know or not, Queen of Twitter drama Azealia Banks has let it be known that she wants to have sex with President Barack Obama.

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / April 3, 2015

WATCH: President Obama Impersonates Frank Underwood

President Barack Obama is just like us: he nerds out over his favorite TV shows and characters, too, and for him, that's obviously House of Cards and Frank Underwood.

By: Kendall Fisher / April 2, 2015

WATCH: President Barack Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

Celebrities reading meant tweets about themselves is always a fun time on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So you’ve got to hand it to Jimmy Kimmel for convincing last night’s guest of honor, President Barack Obama, to do his own edition of the segment.

By: Peggy Truong / March 13, 2015

Oops! President Obama Flubs James Francos’ Name: Watch the Clip!

President Barack Obama has a lot on his plate and knowing how to pronounce actors' names is really not one of them... POTUS spoke out Friday morning to address concerns over new details that North Korea is behind the Sony hacking attack and the cancellation of The Interview, featuring James Franco and Seth Rogen. However,…

By: Kendall Fisher / December 19, 2014

Harry Styles Addresses Rumors About Having Sex With President Obama

We've heard some pretty wild rumors when it comes to Harry Styles, who he's dated and his sexual orientation... But we've never quite heard something like this. In the biggest WTF news of the week, the National Examiner claims Barack Obama had an affair with none other than the One Direction crooner himself, featuring a…

By: Kendall Fisher / December 12, 2014

Watch President Obama Take Over ‘The Colbert Report’ and Liken Disney’s ‘Frozen’ to Healthcare

President Obama made his very first appearance on The Colbert Report last night, where he took over satirist Stephen Colbert's chair, made it "a little more Presidential", and brought up Disney's 'Frozen' when things got sort of awkward. Obama definitely has a sense of humor that's both charming and very much "dad joke"-ish (in other words,…

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / December 9, 2014

Behind the Scenes of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Obama Fundraiser: Yelling and Drinking Wine at 10am

This past Thursday, Gwyneth Paltrow invited a “handsome” new man into her home who makes Chris Martin pale in comparison. That man, as we know, is President Barack Obama. Gwyneth hosted a fundraiser at her Brentwood abode with the President in attendance – unfortunately, the event included a lot of yelling and day drinking behind the…

By: Mindy Lee / October 11, 2014

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Probably Maybe Made a Sex Tape Together

Earlier this week, British GQ named Kim Kardashian the Woman of the Year, and though this left many angry and confused, it turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving. From the ceremony in which Kim was given the wrong award, to the almost pornographic photo spread that appears in the magazine, and…

By: Matt Russoniello / September 5, 2014

Here’s Barack Obama ‘Singing’ Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’

The brains behind baracksdubs is back with a new video featuring President Barack Obama and his mad musical skills.

By: Peggy Truong / August 20, 2014

Watch: Barack Obama ‘Sings’ Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’

You know those supercuts of President Barack Obama that make him look like he’s singing? Well here’s one worth watching.

By: Peggy Truong / August 6, 2014

Miley Cyrus Posts Topless Dessert Pic, Proves She’s Alive

Just in case you fell for that Miley Cyrus death hoax, she took to Instagram to prove once and for all that she's still among the living. The singer posted a pic in which she's topless, sporting a pair of Daisy Dukes and flashing peace signs with her fingers in the dessert, because all i…

By: Michael Prieve / July 22, 2014

Obama, Spielberg, Kardashian? Kim Attends Fundraiser Honoring the President

Well, she did just open up about her thoughts on racism and discrimination, so perhaps Kim Kardashian is a humanitarian at heart. The not-yet-married reality star attended a star-studded gala honoring President Barack Obama last night and joined Hollywood heavyweights, including Steven Spielberg, Liam Neeson, Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen at the USC Shoah Foundation's 20th Anniversary Gala.

By: Barbara DeFranco / May 8, 2014

Jessica Simpson, Lupita Nyong’o, and Uzo Aduba Shined at the 100th White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Allegedly meant to raise money for gifted journalism students, the 100th annual White House Correspondents' Dinner seemed to be nothing more than a fashion show followed by a lot of elbow bumping between Hollywood and Washington, D.C. And if that fashion show had an award for best dressed, it'd be a tight race between Jessica

By: Jason Marshall / May 4, 2014

Celebrity Twitter Chatter: Nina Dobrev, Kelly Osbourne, Johnny Weir and More!

We've rounded up some of the best and most insightful celebrity tweets from the past 24 hours. Nina Dobrev's Coachella Ke$ha quote, Kelly Osbourne wishes LA girls were nicer, Johnny Weir is not affected by sticks and stones plus more fascinating celeb twitter posts and words of wisdom below.

By: Michael Prieve / April 15, 2014

Bradley Cooper Helped Saved Obamacare

According to Politico, the American Hustle star visited the White House on February 11th for the State Dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande and talked the Commander-in-Chief into being a part of Zach GalifianakisFunny or Die show. So how dis this all go down?

By: Michael Prieve / April 2, 2014

Zach Galifianakis Interviews President Obama on Between Two Ferns

President Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis go head-to-head on the latest episode of Between Two Ferns. The two get off to a rocky start: "When I heard that, like, people actually watch this show, I was pretty surprised," Obama said.

By: Robert Kessler / March 11, 2014
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