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What We Learned From the Palin Fight Police Report: Do NOT Mess With Bristol

Bristol Palin: mother to a young child, former Dancing with the Stars contestant, and ferocious street fighter. We reported earlier that the Palins were involved in a beer-fueled fistfight at a snowmobile-sponsored party in Anchorage. At least three Palins engaged in fisticuffs that night, but if police documents are to be believed, Bristol emerges a…

By: Mindy Lee / October 10, 2014

Palin Family Goes Full Maverick, Bands Together in Drunken Fight at Snowmobile Party

Just as our nation’s greatest have battled for our rights to liberty and justice for all, the Palin family was similarly embroiled in a beer-fueled fistfight at a snowmobile party in Alaska. Although the altercation occurred last Saturday, the Anchorage Police Department confirmed the news yesterday.

By: Mindy Lee / September 12, 2014

Bristol Palin’s New Boyfriend Joey Junker: Marriage Is ‘Not Going to Happen Any Time Soon,’ Says Sister (EXCLUSIVE)

Bristol Palin might have a new man in her life, but she's got some work to do before winning his family’s approval. The former Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars contestant has been quietly dating professional snowmobiler Joey Junker, 30, according to Us Weekly. But Junker's sister, Megan, told Celebuzz: “In my opinion, they’re not dating until she come…

By: Peggy Truong / November 2, 2012

‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ Elimination: Playing It Safe Sends One Dancer Home

After a night of risky dances that threatened to unhinge several All-Star couples, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars results show eliminated the one couple who played it safe. The celebrity who refused to take risks found herself with a ticket home. On Monday's episode, the pairs took on styles that were not only out of…

By: Celebuzz / October 16, 2012

Sarah Palin to Pen New Diet and Fitness Book as Former Governor Steps Out Looking Dramatically Thinner (PHOTOS & POLL)

There's a reason Sarah Palin looks so thin these days: According to the politico-turned-TV-personality, she's just doing research. Days after the former governor of Alaska was photographed at a Studio City, Calif., Kmart looking a few sizes smaller, Palin has announced plans to pen a new diet and fitness book. “Our family is writing a…

By: Peggy Truong / October 10, 2012

Bristol Palin’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Slim-Down: 10 Celebrities Who Danced the Weight Away (GALLERY)

Talk about waltzing the weight off. Bristol Palin wowed the crowds not only with her Cha- Cha but also with her new super slim figure on the Dancing With The Stars premiere. But she isn't the only celebrity who has Paso Doble-d the pounds away. Celebuzz is looking at the weight loss winners of the…

By: / October 3, 2012

‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars’ Mark Ballas on Bristol Palin’s Transformation: She ‘Looks Amazing’ (EXCLUSIVE)

The Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars cast is off to a drama-free start that’s already setting a high bar for the contestants. Bristol Palin, 21, has been stealing the show with her dramatic weight loss transformation and new-and-improved dancing technique. Her dance partner, Mark Ballas, 26, tells Celebuzz exclusively about their rehearsals, Palin getting into…

By: / October 2, 2012

Bristol Palin Talks ‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ and Levi Johnston’s New Baby: ‘I Sent Him Flowers’

Bristol Palin is gearing up for Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars with her partner, Mark Ballas, 26, but that doesn’t mean the reality star is too busy for family. Palin manages to balance both with the same poise that we’re used to seeing from her. Palin told Access Hollywood, “I’m rehearsing (in Arizona) because it’…

By: Lily Harrison / September 13, 2012

‘Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars’ Pairs Revealed: Kirstie and Maks Are Back In Action, Plus Surprising New Couples

The Olympics may be over, but the games have just begun for the celebrity cast of ABC's Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. The star-studded lineup includes past fan-favorites of yore, from Kirstie Alley and Season 3 winner Drew Lachey to controversial contestant Bristol Palin. Now, we finally know who the stars will be paired…

By: Crystal Bell / August 13, 2012

Bristol Palin’s Reality TV Career Stirs Up Custody Trouble, ‘DWTS’ Pro Says She Won’t Win

Just days after Bristol Palin signed on to the all-star season of Dancing With the Stars, her ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston announced he's pursuing full custody of their son, Tripp. After watching Palin's reality show, Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp, Johnston told TMZ he is "disgusted" by his son's language and behavior and is on a…

By: / August 6, 2012

Bristol Palin Spars With Media; Declares ‘I’m Not a Homophobic’

After her Lifetime series, Life’s a Tripp, was pulled out of its cherry primetime slot for its low ratings, Bristol Palin hasn’t called it quits on reality television. ABC announced on Friday that Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter is returning to ABC’s Dancing With the Stars: All Stars for another stab at the Mirror Ball Trophy.

By: Jethro Nededog / July 27, 2012

Cheryl Burke, Bristol Palin and Sonja Morgan: Dream ‘Bachelorette’ Casting (PHOTOS)

Cheryl Burke may be a pro on Dancing With the Stars, but she's not so good on her feet when it comes to the dating game. Opening up about her relationships, the single dancer revealed she wants to find love on ABC's hit reality show, The Bachelorette. "My dating record hasn't been great the past…

By: / June 22, 2012

Bristol Palin’s Heated Fight With Heckler Ends in Tears on ‘Life’s A Tripp’ Season Premiere (VIDEO)

Bristol Palin came face to face with some of her family's biggest critics on the season premiere of her new Lifetime reality show Life's a Tripp. On the episode, a verbal fight breaks out between the 20-year-old mom and talent manager Stephen Hanks, 47, after the heckler called her mom, Sarah Palin, a "wh***." "You're…

By: / June 20, 2012

Bristol Palin’s Ex Boyfriend Kyle Massey Sues ‘Life’s a Tripp’ Producers

Former Disney Channel star Kyle Massey has filed a lawsuit against several defendants in connection with the new A&E reality show starring Bristol Palin, his lawyer told Celebuzz on Tuesday. Kyle, his brother Christopher and their mother Angel are seeking a permanent injunction and monetary damages against producers of Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp, claiming the show -- which ironically…

By: Dylan Howard / June 19, 2012

Inside Bristol Palin’s Photo Album Before Reality Show’s Premiere (PHOTOS)

Watch out world: Here comes that other famous Palin. With less than a week before conservative politician Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol -- and her son Tripp, 3 -- hit our television screens, new photos of the pair have been released. Check out these 6 images in the gallery. What can we expect from the Lifetime show?

By: Celebuzz / June 13, 2012

Bristol Palin’s Most Outrageous Quotes! (PHOTOS)

Bristol Palin, the 21-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, caused a stir when she took to her Facebook page on Thursday to criticize President Obama for allowing his young daughters Sasha, 10, and Malia, 13, to influence his stance on gay marriage. “While it’s great to listen to your kids’ ideas, there’s also…

By: / May 11, 2012

JWoww Blasts Bristol Palin’s Gay Marriage Remarks: ‘Keep Your Ignorant Mouth Shut’

Bristol Palin isn't making friends in Hollywood with her latest comments against President Barack Obama's endorsement of gay marriage. The 21-year-old daughter of former 2008 Vice President candidate Sarah Palin, wrote a blog post that read in part, "Sometimes dads should lead their family in the right ways of thinking. In this case, it would’ve been nice if…

By: / May 11, 2012

Readers Respond to Bristol Palin Bashing Obama’s Support of Gay Marriage

Bristol Palin wasn't exactly shy about admitting her thoughts on President Obama's backing of gay marriage, but it seems that not everyone agress with her viewpoint. In a blog post, the 21-year-old single mother said, "we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’…

By: Amanda Hasaka / May 10, 2012

Bristol Palin Slams Obama’s Support of Gay Marriage: Kids Do Better in a Mother/Father Home

It looks like Bristol Palin isn't the biggest fan of President Obama's decision to support gay marriage. The 21-year-old daughter of former Vice President candidate Sarah Palin, wrote a blog post about her thoughts on Obama's decision to finally admit that he does in fact support marriage equality, and didn't exactly agree with him. In the interview with…

By: Amanda Hasaka / May 10, 2012

Levi Johnston: I’m Not a Deadbeat Dad!

After his long-standing feud with the Palin family, Levi Johnston wants to get one thing straight -- he wants to be a good dad. He and his pregnant girlfriend Sunny Oglesby sat down with The Insider for an interview, during which Sunny stood by her man, saying, "I'm tired of people thinking that my boyfriend'…

By: Wes Ferguson / April 11, 2012
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