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Hollywood Reacts to Lance Armstrong’s Confession

By: Barbara DeFranco / January 18, 2013

Lance Armstrong’s Closest Celebrity Friends

By: Barbara DeFranco / January 18, 2013

Dream Casting: Who Should Star in a Lance Armstrong Biopic?

By: Barbara DeFranco / January 16, 2013

Lance Armstrong: A Career Dogged by Doping

By: Cory Lopez / January 16, 2013

Lance Armstrong: A History of Doping Denials

By: Cory Lopez / August 24, 2012

Kate Hudson’s Many Men

By: / January 14, 2011

Lance Armstrong and Family Hit the Beach

By: Barbara DeFranco / December 1, 2010

Seven-time Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong, 39, enjoyed a beach day with his girlfriend Anna Hansen and their two children Max and Olivia Armstrong in Miami on Tuesday.
Following a lackluster comeback performance at last summer’s Tour, the sport’s greatest figure announced in October that he was retiring from international cycling once again,… More »

Fun On Bikes

By: Betsy Waldman / February 6, 2009

Top 10 Celebrity Playboys

By: Regan Stephens / January 31, 2009

Being a celebrity certainly has its perks; money, power, and the gift of being simply irresistible to women of all ages.

These 10 men use their star status to its full advantage. More »

Stars and Sweats

By: sbaran / January 5, 2009

When cameras are around to document and transmit every minor bulge or extra wrinkle, even the world’s most entitled people realize they need to do some work for themselves. More »