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‘Spy’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Goes Undercover

If you liked The Heat, you'll probably enjoy Melissa McCarthy's latest action-comedy too.
By: Gabrielle Chung / March 31, 2015

Celebrity Twitter Chatter: Kourtney Kardashian and Oprah, Melissa McCarthy Joins Twitter and More

We've rounded up some of the best and most insightful celebrity tweets from the past 24 hours. Kourtney Kardashian wishes she had Oprah's number, Melissa McCarthy's first tweet, plus more fascinating celebrity Twitter posts and words of wisdom below.
By: Michael Prieve / January 13, 2015

The Funniest Celeb Pics of the Week That Will Make You LOL! 12.27.14

It's time for the funniest celeb pics of the week! We hope you had a great Christmas! Since it's the holidays, we have extra hilarious photos for you. This week, we have pictures of your favorite celebs like Laura Dern and Khloé Kardashian that you must see! Trust us, these picture…
By: Jess Cohen / December 27, 2014

Watch: Lena Dunham Talks Getting Naked, Being Mistaken for a Prostitute on ‘Ellen’

Lena Dunham isn't afraid of getting naked. The actress appears on The Ellen DeGeneres show today, Oct. 20. On the show, Dunhan talks to host, Ellen DeGeneres, about getting naked for her show, Girls. Dunham also discusses her fear of driving, that fear has even lead to…
By: Jess Cohen / October 20, 2014

Celebrity Twitter Chatter: Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and More

We've rounded up some of the best and most insightful celebrity tweets from the past 24 hours. Jessica Biel feels the need, Reese Witherspoon is on vacation, Sarah Michelle Gellar gives thanks, plus more fascinating celeb twitter posts and words of wisdom below.
By: Michael Prieve / August 12, 2014

Melissa McCarthy Will Not Be Attending her Cousin Jenny McCarthy’s Wedding to Donnie Wahlberg

I'm not going to lie. I did not know that Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are related. The Tammy actress and former View co-host are cousins, apparently. But evidently, they aren't close anymore and as a result Melissa will not be attending Jenny's wedding to Blue Bloods actor Donnie…
By: Barbara DeFranco / July 25, 2014

Christian Siriano Slams Melissa McCarthy, Calls Her ‘Difficult to Work With’

Melissa McCarthy started her own line after designers reportedly "refused to make a dress" for her for the Academy Awards. However, designer Christian Siriano claims he attempted to collaborate with the funny gal, but she was "difficult to work with."…
By: Michael Prieve / July 8, 2014

The Funniest Celeb Pics of the Week That Will Make You LOL! 7.6.14

It's time for the funniest celebrity photos of the week! Get ready to laugh, because these 20 pictures are hilarious! We gave you some funny pics last week, but this week's photos are on another level. Stars made some really silly faces this week and photographers were there to capture all of the candid…
By: Jess Cohen / July 6, 2014

Emmys Countdown: A Chat About Best Actress

In the lead-up to the announcement on Emmy nominations on July 10, Celebuzz will be looking at the past year in outstanding television and analyzing what will be recognized and what, what should be recognized and what should not. Today, Robert Kessler and Kendall Fisher discuss the Best Actress categories.
By: Robert Kessler / July 3, 2014

Bill Murray is an Unorthodox Babysitter in ‘St. Vincent’ Trailer

Would you let actor Bill Murray watch your kids? He is pretty cool, what with the crashing of a bachelor party and the posing with a couple during their engagement photo shoot. Maybe not, but it would certainly be fun to have him show up at your family BBQ, right? But I digress. The…
By: Barbara DeFranco / July 2, 2014

10 Things You Need to Know About Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is taking over Hollywood! Not only does the Oscar nominee star on a hit CBS show, but she's also about to release a new movie that's sure to be a box office hit! There are few actors that can make us laugh as hard as Melissa McCarthy does. This woma…
By: Jess Cohen / July 2, 2014

Melissa McCarthy Was Watching an Autopsy When Her Husband Proposed To Her

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone might just be comedy's cutest couple. The two are both partners in life and business, frequently working together. So a couple this sympatico must have an equally adorable proposal story right? Well it's not strawberries and champagne, but it's definitely sweet in its own way.
By: Robert Kessler / June 25, 2014

The First Full Trailer for Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Tammy’ Is Here

After giving us a teaser in February, New Line Cinema has given us the first full trailer for Tammy, written by Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone, who directed the movie. While the teaser gave us a look at McCarthy's Tammy, seemingly in the throes of mania, robbing…
By: Robert Kessler / May 6, 2014

Melissa McCarthy Makes Another Loser Lovable in ‘Tammy’

As a comedian, one of Melissa McCarthy's most remarkable talents is to take the weirdos she plays and make them lovable. Because what's funny about someone you're not rooting for? It looks like McCarthy's done it again in Tammy.
By: Robert Kessler / February 13, 2014

Saturday Night Live: Melissa McCarthy, a Human DVR, and Seth Meyers’ Departure Made for a Hysterical Evening

Once again, Melissa McCarthy graced the stage of Saturday Night Live and, for the third time, she managed to make being hysterical look annoyingly easy. If you missed the big night, don’t fret. We watched the show into the wee hours of the morning and have put together the best and…
By: Jason Marshall / February 2, 2014

Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos Might Leave a Bruise

With the assurance that Melissa McCarthy is going to absolutely kill it on Saturday Night Live this weekend, you'd think she wouldn't need to even promote it at all. But here she is, putting in her time like any other ordinary SNL host and not the legendary goddess of SNL that…
By: Robert Kessler / January 29, 2014

This Awards Season, The Cool Kids Roll With Julia and Meryl

Tonight, the most random cast of characters gathered at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica for the 19th Annual Critics' Choice Awards.  Mark Wahlberg was up for Best Action Star (Male), as was Sandra Bullock for Gravity (I didn't know Gravity was considered an action movie).
By: Kelly Lynch / January 16, 2014

Melissa McCarthy Pulls Off A Christmas Ensemble So Well

Melissa McCarthy lent her talents to Old Navy for this year's Black Friday campaign.  On November 29th, one shopper will win $1 million. The first 500 shoppers in line at every Old Navy store when it opens at 7 p.m. tomorrow night will have a chance to win the jackpot.
By: Kelly Lynch / November 27, 2013

Melissa McCarthy Talks About Her Eight Months in Stand-Up Comedy and Boob-Loving Hecklers

Melissa McCarthy and her Mike & Molly co-star Billy Gardell were on Conan last night. While they were there Conan O'Brien asked McCarthy if she'd ever tried stand-up comedy. As it turns out, she had, and it didn't go so well.
By: Robert Kessler / November 15, 2013

Melissa McCarthy Laughs Off ‘ELLE’ Mag “Jacket-gate” Controversy

When Melissa McCarthy’s ELLE cover hit newsstands it wasn’t long before critics lashed out at the fashion mag for covering up the comedienne in a large coat and suggesting that the magazine was attempting to hide the actress' famous curves. But in true McCarthy style, she’s just laughing it off.
By: Andrea Simpson / November 2, 2013
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