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Inside Hyde Staple Center’s Pre-Katy Perry Concert Bash

By: Jason Marshall / September 20, 2014

Miranda Cosgrove Swimming with Dolphins

By: Jason Marshall / March 8, 2014

Celeb-Approved Gift Ideas for the Ladies

By: Kendall Fisher / December 5, 2013

Celebrities Who’ve Crushed on Harry Styles

By: Laura Franco / January 31, 2013

Miranda Cosgrove Meets Michele Obama

By: Amanda Hasaka / January 16, 2012

Miranda Cosgrove at Sirius Radio in NYC

By: Amanda Hasaka / January 12, 2012

Miranda Cosgrove Through the Years

By: Barbara DeFranco / May 13, 2011

Miranda Cosgrove Leaves Music Box in Hollywood

By: Mike Hess / April 12, 2011

Miranda Cosgrove at the 84th Annual Macy’s Day Parade

By: Barbara DeFranco / November 25, 2010

Miranda Cosgrove stands for truth, justice and the American way — especially on Thanksgiving!
The iCarly star hopped hitched a ride down Broadway on the Statue Of Liberty Float for the 84th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Cosgrove’s fellow Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice also felt the parade love, she cruised down the NYC… More »

Miranda Cosgrove Performs at Nickelodeon Event

By: Regan Stephens / September 27, 2010

Miranda Cosgrove wants you to come out and play.
The iCarly star did her part for Nickelodeon’s Annual Worldwide Day of Play on Saturday, performing at an event to commemorate the day, which annually encourages kids to turn off the TV and have some active fun outdoors.
Give your fingers a workout by… More »

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