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Paula Abdul and Boyfriend Jeff Bratton at LAX

By: Barbara DeFranco / July 6, 2011

‘X Factor’ at Fox Upfronts

By: Taryn Ryder / May 16, 2011

Paula Abdul’s Paparazzi Portraits

By: Alex Blagg / December 10, 2009

When most celebrities see paparazzi, they usually act annoyed, run away or lash out (sometimes they even choke them). But Paula Abdul clearly is not “most celebrities.” No, Paula sees the paparazzi not as an occasional annoyance that comes along with be famous, but as an opportunity to take some new family portraits, such a… More »

Cry Babies

By: Regan Stephens / January 15, 2009

Not everyday is picture perfect in Hollywood. More »

These Boots Were Made For…

By: sbaran / July 29, 2008

Whatever they were were made for, these celebs have got it covered! More »