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Sienna Miller Takes Baby Marlowe Out in NYC

By: Loraine Pavich / October 8, 2012

Sienna Miller Attends the Premiere of ‘The Girl’ at the 20th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival

By: Barbara DeFranco / October 8, 2012

Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge Grab Lunch in London

By: Gabrielle Chung / March 31, 2012

Sienna Miller Attends New York Video Installation Opening

By: / February 15, 2012

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge Stroll Through London

By: / August 24, 2011

Sienna Miller Parties With Robert Pattinson

By: Taryn Ryder / May 4, 2011

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge Grab Coffee Together

By: Barbara DeFranco / March 21, 2011

Sienna Miller’s Sexiest Looks

By: Celebuzz / December 27, 2010

It’s a big day today for Sienna Miller, as the drop-dead gorgeous actress is celebrating her 29th birthday.

The G.I. Joe starlet has often made headlines thanks to her off-screen activities, but Celebuzz is all about celebrating the positive. When there’s a red carpet, few can top the beauty of Miss Miller. Whether… More »

Jude Law & Sienna Miller in Ibiza

By: Regan Stephens / August 5, 2010

On-again (and rumored to be engaged again) couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller are in the midst of a hot summer vacation on the party island of Ibiza, Spain.
New shots show a black bikini-sporting Sienna holding Jude’s hand en route to an inflatable dinghy ride with another tourist couple. A gentlemanly Jude eve… More »

Sienna Miller And Jude Law On A Romantic Vacation In Italy

By: Celebuzz / July 17, 2010

Oh, get a room already, you two!
Jude Law and Sienna Miller celebrated their enchanted love in Italy on Thursday, engaging in a virtual PDA orgy on the sands of Ponza.
Or maybe Sienna had just had a mishap in the water, and Jude was administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Yeah, maybe that’s it… More »

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