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Nicki Minaj Headed for Boob Tube as ABC Family Announces New Comedy

Peggy Truong | September 29, 2015 - 2:38 pm

The search for a young Nicki Minaj is on…

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Summer Finale Recap: There’s a New ‘A’ in Town

Lauren DiMascio | August 28, 2013 - 8:00 am

Every finale of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars promises enough twists and turns to make your head spin, so when the network touted the summer finale of Season 4 as having “the biggest reveal yet”, I have to admit, I was more than skeptical.

Well, I take it back.

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Red Coats and Hoedowns

Lauren DiMascio | August 21, 2013 - 10:00 am

World War “A” is coming and the girls on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars better get ready.

But before they embark on the big showdown with their nemesis set for the upcoming Season 4 finale, the Liars put on their cowboy boots and donned their best western apparel at the hoedown school dance,… More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Birthday Bash Gone Bad

Lauren DiMascio | August 7, 2013 - 10:00 am

Relationships were made AND tested on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars as Mona’s (Janel Parrish) confession helped Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton) get out of the big house, an old “friend” returned to Rosewood, and everyone celebrated Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) birthday.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Tuesday’s episode, “IntoMore »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Lying Lesson Leads to a Major Confession

Lauren DiMascio | July 31, 2013 - 9:30 am

Want to learn how to live a lie?

Yes? Well, so does Hanna (Ashley Benson) on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. By now, you’d probably think Hanna and the other Liars would be old pros at fibbing, but think again. There is much to be taught and who better to… More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Toby and Caleb Go on The Hunt For Red Coat

Lauren DiMascio | July 24, 2013 - 9:30 am

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), Toby (Keegan Allen) and Ezra (Ian Harding) saved the day – sort of – on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars as our girls found themselves and their mothers in some precarious situations.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode, “Crash and Burn, Girl!”

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Handcuffs and Bee Stings

Lauren DiMascio | July 10, 2013 - 9:30 am

Last night’s episode of  Pretty Little Liars found two of our Liars headed to college while another seemed to be headed to jail.

Yes, jail.

“A” pulled out all the stops in her most recent scheme as the final moments of this episode, “Gamma Zeta Die,” featured one of our four… More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Melissa’s Mysteries Unfold

Lauren DiMascio | July 3, 2013 - 9:30 am

Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) did us all a favore and spilt the beans on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars providing the audience with some much needed answers to some lingering questions.

Once confronted with the face of her past via a creepy mask,  the elder Hastings sister revealed a whole laundry list… More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Bird Speaks a Clue and Emily Sinks

Lauren DiMascio | June 19, 2013 - 10:00 am

Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars featured a bird, a new self-defense instructor, a rejection letter, pain medication and some dirty Manolo Blaniks.

Seems completely random, I know, but somehow all of these things are related to our bigger mysteries of “A” and Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) murder? How exactly? That’s not… More »

Peek Inside ‘Pretty Little Liar’ Star Ian Harding’s $700K L.A. Retreat

Andrea Simpson | June 19, 2013 - 8:00 am

This TV hunk may be out of the love game on the small screen, but he’s hit it off big in the real estate game off screen.

Ian Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz on the ABC Family hit Pretty Little Liars, has broken more than a few hearts across America by breaking up with… More »

ABC Family Announces ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spinoff

Jethro Nededog | March 26, 2013 - 3:59 pm

What Did You Have To Say About This Week’s Hottest TV Shows?

Matt Russoniello | March 20, 2013 - 3:00 pm

We at Celebuzz talk a lot about television. Mostly because we have nothing better to do, but also because we care. But mostly the first thing.

You, our readers, like to talk about television, too. That’s why, every week, we shut up for a brief moment and highlight the best comments you made… More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Recap: Toby’s Fate And Red Coat Revealed

Lauren DiMascio | March 19, 2013 - 10:21 pm

During the Season 3 finale of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, Aria (Lucy Hale) said “this is crazier than crazy” and I couldn’t agree with her more.

The third season finale of the most addictive guilty pleasure on the network provided so many twists, turns and revelations that my head is still spinning. More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Spencer’s Shocking Decision

Lauren DiMascio | March 13, 2013 - 1:27 am

The writers and executive producers of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars sure do know how to step up their game as another season of the addictive drama draws closer to a close.

Thursday’s penultimate episode of Season 3 featured a shocking reveal and yet another mysterious dead body in Rosewood. And, of course,… More »

What To Watch On TV Tonight

Jethro Nededog | March 11, 2013 - 6:26 pm

My picks for Monday are all about new beginnings. That’s pretty appropriate for the first day of the work week, no? Several of my favorite shows are embarking on new adventures.

Whether it’s the end of Carrie’s (AnnaSophia Robb) double life on The CW’s The Carrie Diaries or a world with dangerous Joe… More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Spencer Reveals Her Cracks At Radley

Lauren DiMascio | March 6, 2013 - 2:57 am

Being Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) is a tough job on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

While “A” has definitely picked favorites over the course of the show’s run – like Emily (Shay Mitchell) last season – “she” has seemingly broken down the strongest Liar to bits. Has the “A” team made Spencer crazy? Right… More »

What To Watch On TV Tonight

Jethro Nededog | March 5, 2013 - 3:52 pm

Tuesday brings us some firsts: A gold medal winner, a first Halloween episode, the first 10 semifinalists and the first time we’ll see a certain strict dance teacher focus on her romantic life.

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Major Death Sends Spencer Over The Edge

Lauren DiMascio | February 27, 2013 - 2:17 am

The truth about Toby (Keegan Allen) is out as Spencer (Troian Bellisario) finally decided to tell her friends about his lies on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

Spence was warned that someone might get hurt if she spilled her secrets, and “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” delivered with a… More »

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Accidents, Hookups And Baby Drama – Oh My!

Lauren DiMascio | February 20, 2013 - 2:22 am

Things got very interesting for Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars as Ezra (Ian Harding) came back to town after meeting his son.

Meanwhile, “A” continued to torment Spencer (Troian Bellisario) after she spent time with Wren (Julian Morris) causing her to finally make a decision… More »

Spencer And Mona’s Battle Comes To A Head On ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Lauren DiMascio | February 12, 2013 - 7:04 pm

With every new episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) spirals a little bit deeper into despair and insanity and this week’s episode is set for an explosion.

Tension between Spence and the girls has been at an all time high as she continues to keep secret the real reason… More »

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