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You’re Going to Want to See Kesha’s Cat-Themed Airport Attire

Bonafide cat lady Kesha is at it again. …

Callie Mills |

WATCH: “Private Citizen” Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Have an Awkward Run-In With a Journalist

When Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis landed in Florida late Thursday night they were greeted by a local news camera crew obviously moonlighting as paparazzi — and things proceeded to get weird and uncomfortable.

Andrea Simpson |

PICS: Are Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz Dating?

Miley Cyrus touched down in Miami Wednesday, only this time it wasn’t her ridiculously short shorts that caught our attention.

The “Bangerz” singer had a different kind of baggage with her — the tall, dark and handsome kind.

You definitely know his name and would recognize those muscles anywhere.

Andrea Simpson |

Kanye West Charged With Allegedly Beating Up A Pap

Kanye West could face up to a year in jail after being charged Friday with misdemeanor criminal battery and attempted grand theft after a verbal lashing turned physical at LAX two months ago.

This all went down when West uttered those four now infamous words — “don’t talk to me” —  to a…

Andrea Simpson |

Kanye West Allegedly Attacks Another Photographer, Paramedics Called to the Scene

UPDATE 6:14 PM PST: Celebuzz obtained an official statement from LAX police regarding the incident:

Today at approximately 2:00 p.m., at the Tom Bradley International Terminal (on the arrival level curbside), Los Angeles Airport Police officers were flagged down by a citizen (photographer) who alleged that he was taking pictures of an individual

Robert Kessler |

‘Sex and the City’ Star Sarah Jessica Parker Leaves ‘Makeup Artist’ Behind in Norway After Shoplifting Incident

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker jetted-out of Norway without one of her team after a woman was nabbed for shoplifting just before take-off, a police official confirmed to Celebuzz.

The drama — which played out like a storyline from the hit show — unfolded earlier today as Parker, 47, prepared…

Cliff Renfrew |

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Take to the Skies (PHOTOS)

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were spotted by photographers catching a flight at LAX on Wednesday looking quite fashionable as they were guided by airport staff to their plane.
Ashton sported a scruffy beard and three gryffin symbols on his back, while Demi wore khakis and a black jacket with a scarf. Both stars wore…

Celebuzz |

Adam Lambert Glams Down in Australia (PHOTOS)

Even Adam Lambert needs a break from being fabulous now and then.
The American Idol fave, who performed at Sydney, Australia’s Enmore Theatre on Wednesday night, looked positively nondescript at the Sydney Airport on Thursday, with only his black nail polish hinting that this is a man who routinely thrills and occasionally disturbs mass…


Justin Timberlake Gets Strip-Searched (PHOTOS)

Now here’s a sight that no woman would want to miss: Justin Timberlake stripping down to nothing but his underwear.
The former N*Sync frontman was spotted dropping his pants on the set of his new film Friends with Benefits. In the scene, JT strips off his clothes while going through airport security.


Kellan Lutz Flies the Really Friendly Skies (PHOTOS)

We’re happy to see you too, Kellan Lutz! The Twilight beefcake was all smiles on Wednesday as he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport—unlike, say, certain of his castmates who might have passed through LAX this week too.
Let’s all learn from Kellan’s friendly example by clicking through the photo gallery, shall we? It’s…


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Leave Montreal Together (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are taking their love on the road—or at least into the air.
The Twilight co-stars and newly confirmed celebrity couple followed up this week’s PDA frenzy with a trip (in Kristen’s case, literally) to the Trudeau Airport in Montreal on Tuesday to catch a departing flight.
Heading off…


Did Bam Margera Get Roofied?

Bam Margera is having one terrible summer. First, he was attacked by a bat-weilding woman outside of a bar in June, and now the Jackass star may have had something slipped into his drink.
Margera made headlines earlier this week when he was ejected from New Zealand’s Auckland Airport and detained after showing up…


Zac Efron Flies in Style (PHOTOS)

Stylish actor Zac Efron refuses to go casual even when he is cruisin’ through the airport after a long flight.
The Charlie St. Cloud hunk rocked a denim button-down shirt, black dress pants, leather Vans slip-ons, and a black skinny tie as he made his way through throngs of photographers at LAX. Efron plowed…


Are Miley Cyrus’ Jorts Too Short? (PHOTOS)

We all know that Miley Cyrus is no stranger to showing a little leg, but the super-short jean shorts (a.k.a, “jorts”) are probably some of the skimpiest shorts we’ve seen in a long time.
The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer looked pretty exhausted when she arrived at LAX from Nashville in her short shorts, leaving…


Courtney Love Boards the Meltdown Express at Heathrow Airport

Caution: Courtney Love’s mood may shift during air travel.
The Widow Cobain was spotted throwing a major hissy-fit during a recent flight from London’s Heathrow Airport, during which the Hole ma’am ranted about everything from her clothing accessories to her Kindle.
The fun began in the airport itself, where Love reportedly went on…

Celebuzz |

Kim Kardashian Spreads Her Mission of Peace to Canada (PHOTOS)

A far a cultural ambassadors go, Kim Kardashian ain’t half-bad.
Atypically dressed down in a pair of ripped-up jeans and an army jacket, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star boarded a plane en route for Canada on Monday, flashing a peace sign at photographers as she made her way to the plane.

Celebuzz |

Russell Brand and Katy Perry Wear Matching ‘Incognito Celeb’ Gear (PHOTOS)

Hey now, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, you wouldn’t be trying to slip by us unnoticed, would you?
The married-couple-to-be showed up at Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, bundled up in winter clothes and sporting sunglasses in an apparent effort to evade detection. Nice try, guys, but we could spot your awesomeness a mile away.

Alex Blagg |

Miley Cyrus Explodes Tween Minds By Wearing Jonas Brothers T-Shirt (PHOTOS)

In today’s latest desperate plea for attention, Miley Cyrus was photographed… in a Jonas Brothers shirt!
First the every-so-delicately placed tattoo under the boob. Now, sporting the ex’s shirt with your little sister/clone Noah? We get it, Miley. You’re SOOO ridiculously over Nicky J that you don’t mind being spotted in a JoBros shirt.

Alex Blagg |

PHOTO GALLERY: Chaske Spencer Leaves LAX

With all of the traveling that they’re doing to promote their new movie these days, the New Moon cast is probably going to single-handedly save the airline industry.
Chaske Spencer, who plays Sam Uley in the Twilight sequel, caught a flight at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday.
Spencer tweeted this morning, “back…

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What’s this? Lady GaGa not wearing something completely outlandish for once?
The “Bad Romance” singer was spotted arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on a flight from London on Tuesday, looking positively subdued compared to some of her other outrageous get-ups. Though she did seem to be practically inviting a nipple-slip with her open-to-the-waist…

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