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Friday Fashion Flashback: Amanda Bynes’ Transformation Over the Years

Amanda Bynes finally returned to Twitter this week after taking a two-month hiatus from the press and social media, sharing a self portrait she drew and wanted to share with her fans.
By: Kendall Fisher / March 20, 2015

Here’s What Amanda Bynes’ Art Looks Like

Amanda Bynes is becoming quite the artist.
By: Gabrielle Chung / March 17, 2015

Amanda Bynes Update: Conservatorship Extended, DUI Dismissed

We haven't seen or heard much about Amanda Bynes over the last few months, but sources close to her and her family say she's been improving. The actress had a rough end to 2014. After being placed on psychiatric hold and released less than a month later, Bynes lashed…
By: Kendall Fisher / February 25, 2015

Amanda Bynes Won’t Be Prosecuted for DUI, But She Could Still End Up in Jail

Amanda Bynes reportedly won't be prosecuted for her Sept. 2014 DUI. But, there's a chance she could still end up in jail. The 28-year-old had a troubled 2014, and now there's new details on her DUI case. Get all of the information below!
By: Jess Cohen / January 22, 2015

Amanda Bynes Resurfaces on Twitter With New Selfie

Gone are the days of Amanda Bynes wanting Drake to murder her vagina. Since her parents relinquished their conservatorship, the former Nickelodeon star has remained relatively quiet on the Twitter front, updating her 3.75 million followers with just a few rare selfies from time to…
By: Gabrielle Chung / January 13, 2015

Celebrity Scandals of 2014

2014 has definitely had it's hands full with celebrity scandals! From arrests and legal drama, to cheating and sexual abuse allegations.......these celebs have had quite the year.
By: Serina Mehrian / December 31, 2014

Celebrity Mug Shots of 2014

And with the fame....comes the CHAOS! We all know that stardom has its downfall, and most celebrities might have a hard time staying away. From DUI's to drug charges, and even domestic violence, celebs in Hollywood have dealt with it all. In the past year we've witnessed Amanda Bynes' chaotic downfall and…
By: Serina Mehrian / December 30, 2014

Amanda Bynes is Off Her Meds, Acting ‘Normal’ and ‘Lucid’

Amanda Bynes is off all of her medication, according to reports. It turns out, Bynes is acting "normal" and "lucid" right now. Get all of the details below!
By: Jess Cohen / December 26, 2014

Amanda Bynes Wants to Attend USC, Ya’ll

Just yesterday Amanda Bynes was confessing her dreams of being Britney Spears, but now she's decided she wants to do something a bit more promising for her future: become a scholar! The 28-year-old actress, who was kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise for cheating, took…
By: Kendall Fisher / December 18, 2014

Amanda Bynes Compares Herself to Britney Spears in New Tweet

Amanda Bynes just compared herself to Britney Spears. In a new tweet, Bynes says that she's Spears. Bynes has been going through a tough time for the past few years, resulting in her hospitalization earlier this year. Now, Bynes is taking to Twitter to compare herself to Spears who famously went…
By: Jess Cohen / December 17, 2014

ICYMI: Amanda Bynes Has Returned . . . to Twitter

Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter — but it looks like her lavender hair didn’t have the same fate. On Saturday, the actress went shopping in Los Angeles and shared the following postcard from the store’s dressing room:…
By: Peggy Truong / December 8, 2014

Amanda Bynes Apologizes for Wishing Death on Her Parents: “I Am Doing My Best to Get Better”

Amanda Bynes is backtracking on her statements after audio tapes of her threatening to murder her parents leaked over the weekend. In the disturbing clips allegedly recorded by Bynes' roommates, the former Nickelodeon rants about murdering her father, slitting her mother's wrists, and burning down their home. Now that many…
By: Gabrielle Chung / November 17, 2014

AUDIO: Amanda Bynes Rants About Murdering Her Parents and Burning Down Their Home

Amanda Bynes has made it very clear that she isn't fond of her parents, but an audio recording has just hit the web which captured the troubled actress ranting about murdering her father, slitting her mother's wrists and ultimately burning down their home. You've really got to hear it to believe it.
By: Jason Marshall / November 15, 2014

Amanda Bynes Clears Up Engagement Rumors: I’m Marrying a Different Guy Named Caleb

The legend of Amanda Bynes' phantom fiancé continues. Though Caleb Pusey, a 19-year-old who met Bynes while they were in rehab together, fits all descriptions the former Nickelodeon star has been giving out about her husband-t0-be, he's actually not the one she's marrying. After Pusey publicly denied rumors that he'…
By: Gabrielle Chung / November 13, 2014

Amanda Bynes is Being Sued by Her Only Friends

Amanda Bynes refused to stay in a hotel paid for by her parents, and with no where else to go, a couple of (what she thought) were good friends took her in and offered her a place to stay. However, things seem to have turned for the worse between the girls,…
By: Kendall Fisher / November 13, 2014

Amanda Bynes Tries to Get Neck Tattoo of Fiancé And Fails

Amanda Bynes is trying to make things official with her non-existent fiancé Caleb.  However, it appears fate isn't on her side in this one... The 28-year-old actress showed up at The Honorable Society tattoo parlor in West Hollywood and was hoping to get a neck tattoo in honor of her man. …
By: Kendall Fisher / November 12, 2014

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Did Get Her a Place to Stay, She Just Doesn’t Like the Location

Amanda Bynes' parents did get her a place to stay, but it's just not in the location she wants. Bynes' parents got her a room at a hotel outside of Los Angeles in Glendale, Calif. But, according to TMZ, Bynes refuses to stay there because of its location. Get all of…
By: Jess Cohen / November 11, 2014

Amanda Bynes Talks Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in New Twitter Rant

Amanda Bynes isn't one to shy away from controversial topics... But her recent Twitter rant comes out of left field and definitely has some eyebrows raising. The 28-year-old actress has decided to share her thoughts of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.
By: Kendall Fisher / November 10, 2014

Cute Couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Leads This Weekend’s Star Sightings – 11.08.14 & 11.09.14

This weekend's celeb sightings is lead by the cutest couple ever, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs, who held hands in the early morning hours after leaving the Melrose ballroom. They had just come from her sold-out concert at Terminal 5 on Saturday night, and were casually hanging out with Rihanna.
By: Kaitlyn Laurie / November 9, 2014

Just Call Her Violet: See Amanda Bynes Colorful New Hair!

Because it wouldn't be a day ending in "y" without some new Amanda Bynes news, it seems that the colorful actress has gone and made her outside match what's inside and dyed her hair a lovely shade of violet.
By: Jason Marshall / November 8, 2014
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