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Andy Cohen Spoofs ‘Real Housewives’ on Season Finale of ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

The most dramatic season finale ever. …

Natasha Reda |

Amy Schumer Is ‘In Love’ with Boyfriend Ben Hanisch, Talks Losing Her Virginity

Amy Schumer is never one to shy away from talking about sex. So naturally, the comedienne has a few things to say about it in her latest interview with Vogue.

Gabrielle Chung |

WATCH: Amy Schumer and Jake Gyllenhaal Hilariously Spoof ‘Catfish’ 

The movie star is a ferret-loving kook in the new episode of Inside Amy Schumer.

Scott Baumgartner |

Amy Schumer Goes Topless for the Cover of Her First Book

You know what they say: Never judge a book by its cover. …

Natasha Reda |

The Weeknd Lived His Best Met Gala Life and Here’s All of the Proof You Need

As if having Bella Hadid as your date isn’t a big enough honor.

Mia Lardiere |

Amy Schumer Says No More Fan Selfies After Intrusive Man Scares Her

“I was saying stop and no.” …

Kit Bowen |

WATCH: Amy Schumer Confronts Gun Violence a la Home Shopping Network

Amy Schumer is tackling national gun violence and safety in a new sketch from Inside Amy Schumer.

Mia Lardiere |

‘Hamilton’ Won a Pulitzer Prize and Lin-Manuel Miranda Reacted Appropriately

If you thought you weren’t getting tickets before…

Mia Lardiere |

Amy Schumer Explains Why She Spoke Out Against ‘Glamour’: ‘We Don’t Need These Labels’

Despite the controversy, the comedian insists she “loves” the publication.

Jelani Addams Rosa |

2016 MTV Movie Awards: The ‘Best Kiss’ Winners Over the Last Decade

The Best Kiss Category has become a fan favorite at The MTV Movie Awards.

Jeniel Terrero |

2016 MTV Movie Awards: 14 Roles Your Hosts Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart Totally Nailed

The 2016 MTV Movie Awards are right around the corner, and judging by the choice in hosts, the show is going to be amazing. …

Laura Bellini |

Amy Schumer Slams Glamour Magazine for Including Her in ‘Plus Size’ Issue

The comedian wants to know what you think.

Jelani Addams Rosa |

Amy Schumer Is Apparently Going to Disappear in Six Months

Beloved and slightly overexposed comedian Amy Schumer knows that you’re sick of her, OK?

Huffington Post |

10 Celebrity Pranks to Get You Into the April Fools’ Day Spirit

Hollywood sure knows how to pull a fast one.

Gabrielle Chung |

Amy Schumer Is Your New Khaleesi In ‘Game of Thrones’ Parody

Schumer is coming …

Huffington Post |

Celebuzz’d Episode 005: Madonna’s Cycle of Thirst

Gatorade? H2O.

Mia Lardiere |
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