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Joan Rivers’ Autopsy Results

Joan Rivers' autopsy are complete;  however, there is still no clear cause of death. The Medical Examiner's Office says, though they've completed the physical examination, they will still need more information as they could not find a clear "cause and manner of death," according to TMZ.
By: Kendall Fisher / September 5, 2014

Results of Peaches Geldof’s Autopsy Are Inconclusive

There is still no word on what caused the sudden death of Peaches Geldof, with the results of an autopsy shedding little to no light on the events surrounding her death Monday. UK police announced Wednesday that while the results of the autopsy were inconclusive, it could be weeks before a toxicology test…
By: Robert Kessler / April 9, 2014

The Results of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Autopsy Are “Inconclusive”

Based on the fact that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his apartment with a hypodermic needle in his arm and numerous bags of heroin in the apartment, it's not a remarkable stretch to assume that a drug overdose was the cause of his death. However, the preliminary results of his autopsy,…
By: Robert Kessler / February 5, 2014

Paul Walker’s Autopsy Won’t Be Completed Today

Family, friends and fans of Paul Walker will have to wait a bit longer to get closure on the tragic death of the much-beloved star. That’s because his autopsy isn’t scheduled for today or anytime this week as of yet, Celebuzz has learned.
By: Andrea Simpson / December 2, 2013

Brittany Murphy and Husband Simon Monjack Died of the Same Causes

In an eerie end-note to the grim early deaths of actress Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack, the Los Angeles County Coroner has determined that the two died of identical causes, acute pneumonia and severe anemia. Murphy passed away at the couple's Hollywood home on December 20, 2009, at the age…
By: / July 21, 2010

Brittany Murphy’s Offical Death Report Doesn’t Look So Good For Her Hubby

The results of Brittany Murphy's autopsy are finally here, and as we all suspected, drug use is to blame. According to TMZ, "Brittany Murphy's cause of death has been determined -- an accidental death caused by "community acquired pneumonia," iron deficiency anemia, and multiple drug intoxication. The L.A. County Coroner conclude…
By: Betsy Waldman / February 4, 2010

Brittany Murphy’s Death: Early Signs Point to Natural Causes

Contradicting speculation that actress Brittany Murphy's death at the age of 32 on Sunday might have been the result of drugs or foul play, officials from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office say that the Clueless thesp's passing was likely the result of natural causes, PopEater reports. According to…
By: Celebuzz / December 21, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Results Sealed by Police

We'll all have to wait a little longer to find out what killed Michael Jackson. People magazine reports that the Los Angeles Police Department has put a security hold on Jackson's autopsy report—which has been completed—until they can complete their own investigation. "The LAPD has requested that the Jackson autopsy finding…
By: Celebuzz / August 11, 2009