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WATCH: This Adorable Baby Is the Worst Dog Walker In the World

Maybe Bernie the English bulldog should meet Dwayne Johnson’s French bulldog puppy Brutus.

Peggy Truong |

Alicia Keys Shares First Photo of Son Genesis

World, meet Alicia Keys’ new baby boy!

The “Girl on Fire” singer has debuted the first photo of Genesis Ali Dean, who she welcomed with husband Swizz Beatz on Dec 27, 2014. Taking the Facebook, the 34-year-old shares a sweet family photo, in which the newborn is seen being cradled by…

Gabrielle Chung |

WATCH: This 2-Year-Old Is Not Happy About Her New Baby Sister’s Arrival

Older siblings of the world can probably relate to what Piper feels in the video you’re about to see.

The 2-year-old recently found out about the arrival of her baby sister.

Let’s just say she didn’t take the news very well.

Peggy Truong |

North West May Have Met her Prince Charming Already

Little North West is only a year and a half old, but she may have already met the man baby of her dreams.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s adorable daughter has become best friends with Ciara’s 8-month-old son Future, enjoying numerous playdates of which we can only imagine the cuteness!

Kendall Fisher |

Watch a Pair of Twin Babies Play a Convenient Game of Peekaboo with Curtains

Peekaboo with babies is awesome (except when the adult shaves in the middle of the game).

Peekaboo between two babies is even better.

Peggy Truong |

Ali Larter Welcomes Baby Girl with Husband Hayes MacArthur

And baby makes four.

Ali Larter is a mommy for the second time. On Monday, the 38-year-old actress shared the happy news — including the name of her new bundle of joy — on her official website:

Peggy Truong |

Watch a Pug Get His Bed Back . . . From a Baby

It’s safe to say, this human baby asked for it.

In a video shared by the folks at America’s Funniest Home Videos last month, said human baby can be seen getting comfy in bed. Only, the bed belongs to her family pet.

Peggy Truong |

Watch: Little Girl Loses It After Learning Newborn Cousin Can’t Attend Her Birthday Party

Sierra the birthday girl is a little sad. She’s sad — and in tears — in the video you’re about to see because she’s just received the news that a special guest is taking a rain check for her birthday party.

Peggy Truong |

Watch: Baby Refuses to Co-Sleep with Mom, Does Other Things Instead

Esther Anderson is a new mom. She’s a new mom who sometimes sleeps with her newborn daughter after feeding time. But most of the time, the co-sleeping thing just doesn’t work out.

Peggy Truong |

Kim Kardashian Reveals She’ll Do IVF if She Can’t Get Pregnant Soon

Kim Kardashian is anxious to give North West and brother or sister soon!

The 34-year-old reality star–who’s been hoping to get pregnant for several months now–opened up to Elle UK magazine, admitting she and Kanye West will find another means to getting pregnant if they can’t do it the naturally.

Kendall Fisher |

Jessica Simpson May an Aunt Again Soon!

“Auntie J” already works well for little Bronx, so why not make Jessica Simpson an aunt again?!

The singer’s younger sister Ashlee Simpson and her new hubby Evan Ross only tied the knot two months ago, but they’re already trying to have some babies!

Kendall Fisher |

Watch a Toddler Get Super Emotional While Enjoying a Cartoon About a Baby Penguin

Never be afraid to show your true emotions. Just ask Raegan, who got a bit caught up with The Chipmunk Adventure during a car ride earlier this fall.

Peggy Truong |

Taylor Swift Opens Up About Having Babies Someday

Taylor Swift has been very open about the fact that she’s not ready to settle down anytime soon, taking herself completely out of the dating world… But what about kids?  Is she open to the idea of having babies someday?

In an interview with InStyle the “Shake It Off” crooner opens up about…

Kendall Fisher |

Watch: Baby Has the Best Reaction to Dad’s Clean-Shaven Face

Last month, we watched a cute video of a little girl basically losing her sh*t when her dad interrupted their game of peekaboo with a surprise shave.

Maybe the baby in the next video saw that and took a few pointers. Like not losing her sh*t.

Peggy Truong |

Is Kim Kardashian Ready for More Kids?

Kim Kardashian gave birth to North West just a little over a year ago, but is the reality star already contemplating having another one?

Yes! But she’s not looking forward to it…

Kendall Fisher |

Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Expecting Their Second Child

Here is some royally fantastic news to start off your week: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — Prince William and Kate Middleton — are expecting their second child.

Matt Russoniello |

Oh Baby! Here Are All The Newest Members of the Hollywood Tots Club

You might as well call North West and Blue Ivy seniors in the Hollywood babies club.

In the last eight months, Tinseltown has welcomed even more members.

Peggy Truong |

Watch: Toddler Loses His Sh*t When Dad ‘Steals’ His Ear and Nose

You know that game where you pretend to steal a part of a child’s face?

It’s kind of mean, but also kind of funny because in the end, you don’t really lose your eyeballs, ears or nose.

This guy did it to his young son and well, the latter didn’t take…

Peggy Truong |

Watch: Baby Says Goodbye to Pacifier, Graduates to Big Girl Status

Sometimes you have to suck it up and say farewell to things that you love: like your pacifier.

Peggy Truong |

Watch: 3-Month-Old Baby Hears Lion’s Roar (in a Book) for the First Time, World Melts

There’s nothing cuter than watching a baby experience something for the first time.

Which is why this video will probably be the 19 best seconds of your day.

Peggy Truong |
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